How to create an online presentation without PowerPoint slides?


Here are some tips from the Pitch Avatar team for those looking to stand out among other online content creators.

First, let’s make an important disclaimer. We have immense respect for PowerPoint. It has been and remains one of the most popular tools for presenting information visually. According to statistics, over 30 million presentations are created daily with PowerPoint for more than half a billion viewers. However, let’s be honest – they aren’t always the most effective or engaging solution. When watching an average PowerPoint presentation, viewers often get bored and distracted because authors frequently use the same templates and schemes. An obvious way to break out of the mold and create an original and memorable online presentation is to forgo this familiar tool. Even one as convenient as PowerPoint slides.

Here are three tips to help you create an attractive and persuasive online presentation for your audience without PowerPoint.

1. Use alternative solutions

The most straightforward way to create an online presentation without PowerPoint is to find other tools and products.


Start by exploring editors and services that are conceptually similar to PowerPoint, such as Canva and Visme. These tools allow you to create images, presentations, posters, infographics, and add and edit animations, videos, and audio. They offer thousands of templates, color schemes, visual effects, and elements. If seamless team collaboration is crucial for you, products like Miro‘s presentation builder are also available.

As the author, I must mention our product – the Pitch Avatar AI presenter assistant. In addition to other useful functions, it allows you to create a virtual host who can conduct an online presentation, narrating (and if needed, generating) any text in any language. By complementing such a presentation with your visual materials, you’ll achieve a result entirely different from the stereotypical presentation.

2. Use alternative formats

The image of an online presentation as a deck of slides with pictures and text is so ingrained in our minds that we often forget about other formats of presenting information. But they, too, are essentially presentations.


For example, you can use a good old-fashioned text article. Modern technologies allow you to equip it with interactive blocks and any number of illustrations, which can be created by artificial intelligence if necessary. Additionally, there’s nothing stopping you from attaching an intelligent assistant who can narrate the article in a presentation format. Yes, you understood correctly. We decided to mention our Pitch Avatar again.


Equally, if not more effective, is video. Today, creating a video presentation where the host explains something and demonstrates its use is arguably easier than making slides. Moreover, numerous video editors allow you to enhance such video presentations with various decorations, special effects, and imagery. Keep in mind – after watching a themed video, potential customers turn into actual ones 85% more often.


Since we’re talking about video, let’s also mention the popular format of podcasts. There are many circumstances when it’s not possible to watch a screen, but listening to audio is an option. Additionally, no one is stopping you from illustrating the audio. Just remember that if you’re making a podcast presentation, the audio should contain all the information you want to convey. References to illustrations can be annoying when listening.

3. Use alternative thinking

We saved this tip for last. Let’s clarify – we’re not suggesting you use mind-altering substances. However, when working on a presentation, if you truly want it to be memorable, it’s essential to take time to study competitors’ presentations, identify typical solutions and techniques, and come up with ideas that fundamentally differ from them. So much so that they stand out. For example, consider the original series “Star Trek.” Few people might remember the plot of most episodes, but the pointy ears of Mr. Spock or three-dimensional chess are likely remembered even by those who didn’t watch “Star Trek” closely.


If you manage to come up with something similar, success is guaranteed.


Good luck, successful presentations, and high earnings to all!


Source: Pitch Avatar Blog

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