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How exactly can artificial intelligence help entrepreneurs run effective blogs on social networks? The answer to this question is in the review of relevant products, prepared by the Pitch Avatar team.

The fact that modern business cannot function properly without working on social networks is already well understood. Even the most conservative entrepreneurs get this. Social networks help attract and retain customers, increase brand recognition, improve reputation and loyalty, and consequently, increase sales and profits.

However, working with social networks requires a lot of time, resources, and skills. It requires constant monitoring of trends, data analysis, creation of quality and interesting content, interaction with the audience and competitors, control of the results of their actions, etc. All of this can be difficult and costly, especially for small and medium-sized businesses.

As a result, for many businessmen, the process of working with subscribers still looks not like shooting accurately at a target, but like chaotic shooting at random with half-closed eyes. The opinion that success in social networks requires either luck or knowledge of some magical spells, judging by our observations, is quite common, although few admit it out loud. Seriously, everyone understands that successful work on social networks requires compliance with certain rules and laws, knowledge of quite specific formulas and algorithms. But not everyone has time to study them, especially since user behavior is constantly changing.

Fortunately, we now have special tools with built-in AI that are capable of working with huge volumes of social network data. With their help, you can:

  • Analyze data and study audience behavior. AI is capable of processing large volumes of information from different sources, such as posts, comments, likes, reposts, hashtags, geolocation, etc., identifying patterns, dependencies, preferences, and moods of the audience. Thanks to this, AI helps businessmen better understand their customers, predict their behavior and reaction to different stimuli, adapt to their needs and expectations, and also optimize their strategy on social networks;


  • Create content. AI is able to generate texts, images, and videos, taking into account the interests of the target audience. Such content helps attract attention and increase user engagement, making the profile or blog on social networks unique, memorable, and commercially effective.


  • Optimize advertising. With the help of AI, it is much easier to find more effective advertising strategies, and organize personalized campaigns on their basis in social networks. AI helps to determine the most suitable channels, formats, audiences, time intervals, and budgets for advertising, as well as to test different options and adjust them depending on the results.


  • Manage blogs and interact with the audience. AI is capable of communicating with users on social networks, answering their questions, comments, complaints, and suggestions. It can also initiate dialogue, offering useful information, advice, recommendations, and promotions. This allows improving communication with customers, increasing their loyalty, increasing the number of visitors and subscribers, and turning them into hot leads.


Of course, this is not the entire list of possibilities for AI assistants to work on social networks. And it is quite obvious that every entrepreneur has their own personal set of requests for them. We hope our review will help everyone choose the tools to their liking. Note that our list does not claim to be complete and is compiled to give a general idea of what types of solutions in the relevant category exist today. For simplicity, the review is compiled in alphabetical order.



This solution is primarily intended for deep work on identifying and understanding the target audience. It uses data analysis from social networks to get information about who makes up the target audience, what their desires are, what content can attract their attention. With its help, you can find users and entire groups in social networks that correspond to the results of the analysis. In addition to this, Audiense helps to assess the presence of the brand on social networks and its reputation among users.



A social network monitoring tool. With its help, entrepreneurs can: track mentions of their brand, products, and competitors; analyze user behavior, including based on reviews and comments; identify opinion leaders influencing the target audience; determine trends and tendencies based on comments and discussions. These and other capabilities of Brand24 will help marketers and sales both create new campaigns on social networks and adjust existing ones.



This solution is for those who need an advanced tool for analyzing the presence of their brand on social networks. It is capable of tracking millions of messages, comments, and conversations on social networks, in order to provide comprehensive information about trends in the industry and the market, the target audience, and of course, the reputation of the company and its products. Brandwatch is able to track user moods, helping to quickly respond to negative reviews and make necessary changes to the advertising campaign. In addition, it provides convenient opportunities for team collaboration.



A product offering simple to use, intuitive tools for managing profiles on social networks. Its strengths are analytics and planning. Where, when, and with what hashtags to publish content? Buffer strives to answer these questions for the marketer first. In addition to this, users have the generation of ideas and content, automatic reports, and convenient conditions for collaboration.



A solution for analyzing and managing accounts on social networks, allowing you to work with several profiles on different platforms from one panel at once. Equipped with tools for monitoring mentions, messages, comments, and responses.



An AI copywriter for creating and managing content on social networks. Entrepreneurs have hundreds of post templates created based on the analysis of user reactions on social networks by artificial intelligence.



The main task of this tool is to create attractive commercial content adapted for different social networks. In the course of this process, the tool offers different options, styles, and approaches. Flick is able to choose the best time to publish, as well as generate hashtags, captions, and titles.



A multi-tool platform for working with social networks, with which you can monitor your presence on all popular platforms in real time, create content and analyze its effectiveness. It helps to monitor both accounts as a whole and individual topics, assessing the impact of specific actions on social networks. Among its capabilities are monitoring various indicators, such as engagement and increase in the number of subscribers, demographic indicators, frequency of mentioning the brand and product, and others. Hootsuite helps not only to create content, but also to plan its publication in advance. With its help, you can communicate with the audience of all profiles without leaving the control panel.



The basic tasks for which this tool was created are planning publications on social networks, creating content for them, and monitoring their effectiveness. In addition to this, the Lately user will receive tips and templates that speed up and simplify work with publications.



A solution for monitoring and managing accounts on social networks, allowing you to track several profiles on different platforms at once. Among its features are real-time alerts about reactions to the mention of a brand, product, product and keywords, and analysis of competitor activity. In addition, Mention offers information and analytics based on the mention of the company and its products on the Internet.



Generating content adapted for commercial purposes, planning publications, analytics, and overall maximum automation of all processes related to marketing on social networks are the tasks for which this tool was created. The user has dozens of integrations and thousands (!) of templates for various posts using images and videos.

A platform primarily focused on creating video content and carousels for marketing on social networks. In addition to this, the arsenal includes generating text content for posts on social networks, searching for stock images, planning publications, generating hashtags, and a number of other useful functions.



An online tool created specifically to adapt and paraphrase long texts into short messages for social networks. A good solution for marketers and salespeople who often have to redo descriptions of goods and services for blogs.


Sprout Social

This is a fairly simple-to-use solution that can be recommended to those who are not yet very confident in swimming in the sea called marketing on social networks. With its help, you can plan and publish messages on social networks and monitor their effectiveness. Note that simplicity in use does not mean that Sprout Social is not suitable for experienced professionals.

This AI video editor is a good solution for those who strive to increase the number of views of their posts on social networks due to short videos. He generates videos both based on the entered URL of a message from your blog and by text request.


Vista Social

A universal platform with a complex of tools for managing accounts and scaling work on social networks, primarily focused on the needs of marketers and sales. Vista Social allows you to work simultaneously with several profiles on several platforms, creating, planning and publishing content, tracking reactions, managing comments, and analyzing the effectiveness of individual posts, campaigns, and presence on social networks as a whole.



AI for managing accounts, clearly aimed at quickly bringing even a novice in the field of social media marketing to a decent level. This is achieved, first of all, by a high degree of automation. WordStream allows you to set settings that automatically adjust the targeting of posts based on monitoring and analyzing various indicators. Accordingly, a marketer using this tool can always get key information – the number of likes, reposts, and comments in general and for each post.


As we can see, AI-based tools can help businessmen at almost every stage of working with social networks. However, it is important to remember that AI is not a panacea or a substitute for a person. AI can make mistakes, due to the imperfection of existing technologies, giving inaccurate information. Entrepreneurs need to remember the need to control and check the work of AI. This is especially important in order not to depersonalize their brand, preserving its unique voice and style.


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