ROI4Presenter becomes Pitch Avatar! And other news from March


Greetings, friends! And we present to your attention a recent issue of our monthly digest of the most current updates. This time, there is really a lot of important news. But first things first.

Rebranding and new trial plan

The major news is, of course, the rebranding. From April 1, ROI4Presenter becomes Pitch Avatar. The new name reflects our commitment to both groundbreaking technology and our focus on extensive use of AI tools to provide the best user experience to our customers.


We changed not only the name but also the design styles, domain name and other related components. We retained the primary qualities – innovation, powerful functionality and reliability of our service.


The second important update is that we have a new tariff plan. Instead of a very limited free version that is no longer available, you can now get a 7-day Trial. The functionality of the Trial version is close to the paid Professional plan and allows you to fully explore all the major tools of Pitch Avatar. 


For example, you can:

  • Create up to 10 presentations;
  • Generate up to 50 links
  • Test the function of creating and translating slide descriptions using AI;
  • Add voiceovers to your slides in any of the many languages available in our service;
  • Generate AI avatar speech lasting up to 3 minutes, and much more.


More detailed information about the conditions of the 7-day Trial period is available on our website.

Generating images, short links and other innovations

In addition, Pitch Avatar received new features. Now you can create AI-powered illustrations directly on your presentation slides. It’s very easy to do. To begin, open your presentation. Then go to the Elements tab (1) in the menu on the right. Next, use the drag-and-drop principle to drag the (control) Image object (2) to the area of the slide where you need the illustration (3).

In the created control, you can place a ready-made illustration by loading it from your computer, or generate an image using AI.

In the latter case, you need to select the “Generate with AI” item, then in the window that appears, enter a prompt – a description of the desired image (1) and click the “Generate with AI” button (2).

The result will appear in the placed control (its size can be changed at your discretion).

Experiment with different descriptions to get the best results!


Another innovation concerns links to generate presentations – now they all have a short, easy-to-read form, something like this:


Our developers have also modernized the listener’s player – it has become more convenient, ergonomic, provides more free space for demonstrating a presentation, and, most importantly, works noticeably faster than before.

And, as usual, we fixed minor errors in the service, optimized some functions, and added a lot of improvements.


Keep in touch! See you again and new digest!


Source: Pitch Avatar Blog

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