Top 5 Tools to Improve Your Sales Presentation


Every day, thousands of commercial presentations are created worldwide. However, the truth is that many of them look generic and not particularly attractive. To create something truly interesting that captivates the customer, one needs not only the skills of a professional designer but also extraordinary creativity. At least, that was the case until recently. Now, thanks to special online services, virtually anyone can create an interesting presentation. And although creativity is still indispensable – it is needed in almost any task – you can disregard your own visual design skills. Powerful online tools that already make full use of artificial intelligence will help implement your ideas.

If you don’t know where to start, you might want to pay attention to services that offer presentation templates. This could be, for example, Emaze – an online platform for creating visually appealing, including animated, presentations. In addition to ready-made templates, Emaze offers a wide selection of visually separate design elements. Thanks to a convenient interface, you can create a professional presentation here with just a few clicks. No special knowledge or skills are required.

Emaze allows you to add not only interactive elements, such as polls and voting, but also to automatically translate presentation texts into various languages. A characteristic feature of the platform is the support for 3D effects in the presentations created, which make the informational materials more interesting and visual. Created materials can be posted on blogs and social networks.

Didn’t find anything suitable for your topic? No problem. SlidesAI will help you. This SaaS service, which uses machine learning capabilities, can transform ordinary text into visually appealing slides. SlidesAI algorithms are trained on a huge set of diverse data, which allows them to guess the user’s wishes quite accurately.

To prepare a presentation, you just need to enter the text that would describe it. Then, SlidesAI will identify the key points and form the slides. The platform uses various design elements – images, graphs, diagrams. Slides are also adapted to different types of presentations. For example, SlidesAI can create business reports with clear and concise text or educational presentations – more detailed and visual.

Additionally, you can customize the presentation to your liking, choosing the color scheme, type of design, and other parameters. The convenience is added by the fact that SlidesAI can be used as an extension for Google Chrome.

So, the main work is done, the presentation is created. Is something missing? Perhaps data visualization? Visme will help here – a service specifically created to solve this task. Here you can find a whole range of tools for comprehensive data visualization, including diagrams, graphs, maps. For example, the platform allows you to create “live” animated infographics with the application of interactive elements (these can be, for example, pop-up tips, links, embedded videos).

You can also customize the appearance of the presentation in accordance with corporate requirements, using your own colors, fonts, logo. If you have external data sources – say Google or MS Office tables and documents – they can also be integrated into the presentation, using Visme tools.

Typically, most people don’t particularly like presentations, but almost everyone loves stories, especially those supported by illustrations. The StoryboardThat service will help prepare a story presentation. The tool is designed to create storyboards, which can then be used to prepare visually appealing and interesting presentations. Business users can use StoryboardThat for marketing campaigns or product presentations. This can help better convey your ideas to the audience.

StoryboardThat also allows you to draw, creating your own original images and controls. To facilitate the task of creating visual content, the platform contains an extensive and constantly expanding library of images created by professional artists and designers. You can also add your own visual elements.

If you want to supplement your presentation with animated elements or even create a small film for it, you can use the online platform PowToon for this task. The service helps users create presentations that look like cartoons or video clips.

PowToon allows you to use images, videos, graphs, and other visual elements to attract the audience’s attention and facilitate the understanding of information. A wide selection of animation effects is available, as well as the option to add a soundtrack (music, comments, and other effects). An interesting and dynamic video with a well-chosen sound design can help keep the audience’s attention and make the presentation more memorable.

Now, when you have created an interesting, visually appealing, and “live” presentation, it’s time to deliver it to your clients using Pitch Avatar. Just create an account, upload the presentation, and then our AI-based platform will help you convey your ideas to any audience. In just a couple of clicks, you can create text for slides in any language, add voiceover or video avatar. Then generate a personalized link and send it to your clients. The listener can invite you to join the presentation or schedule a meeting in one click. Presentation delivery has never been so convenient and effective.


Source: Pitch Avatar (formerly ROI4Presenter) Blog

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