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In the dynamic world of technology, change is inevitable and growth is essential. Today, we are thrilled to announce a significant transformation at ROI4Presenter. We are rebranding and evolving into Pitch Avatar. This transformation is not just a name change, but a reflection of our growth, commitment, and vision to bring you the most innovative and cutting-edge technology.

The pre-history of ROI4Presenter

ROI4Presenter started as an online presentation service. But as we grew, so did our vision. We realized we could do more – revolutionize content creation and delivery.

Pitch Avatar: our quantum leap in presentations

In 2023, we launched our flagship feature, Pitch Avatar, on Product Hunt. We were thrilled to receive the 3rd product of the day award. This was a testament to our innovative approach and the value we bring to our users.

Pitch Avatar is an AI-based platform that makes your slides interactive and delivers them in the most effective way to grow the number of leads, demo calls, and user engagement with your sales, marketing, onboarding, training, and other content. It’s not just a presentation service; it’s an AI-based personal assistant designed to make your presentations more effective, increase conversion rates, save your time, and pitch 24/7 on your behalf all over the world in multiple languages.

International recognition and growth

Of course, our journey didn’t stop at Product Hunt. We presented at five international summits, including the Web Summit, and delivered successful pitches on international stages. There was literally a queue of people at our stand on Web Summit 2023.

One of the memorable moments was when our CRO, Victoria Abed, lost her voice at the Web Summit due to the overwhelming requests for Pitch Avatar and had to resort to using an AI business card which brought her 100% conversion rate in booking the meetings.

In just one year, we gained more than 5000 users, introduced 150 new features, including a personal AI presenter who can pitch 24/7 like a human or even better, and the most recent feature – voice cloning. Our website traffic soared to 59000, and our team grew to 30 members, which is constantly growing.

Broadening our horizons with solutions and integrations

We offer solutions for sales enablement, corporate learning, marketers, HR managers, sales managers, and even buyers. We cater to startups, digital media, bloggers, entrepreneurs, businesses, e-commerce, and provide 24/7 lead generation.

We have also integrated with Salesforce, HubSpot, Zapier, LinkedIn, Google Chrome extension, Calendly, ChatGPT, D-ID, and many more. These integrations enable us to provide a seamless experience for our users and maximize the effectiveness of their presentations.

New identity, same belief

As we transition from ROI4Presenter to Pitch Avatar, our belief in the impact of innovative technologies for the future remains the same. We firmly believe that AI is an everyday tool for business. We are excited about this new chapter in our journey and believe that Pitch Avatar will redefine the way presentations are made and delivered.

Introducing Pitch Avatar’s new pricing plans - maximizing value for our users

As of April 2024, are updating our pricing policy and now offer a 7-day free Trial for you to experience all the features of Pitch Avatar. This Trial period will help you choose the right pricing plan according to your business goals.

The 7-day free Trial includes unlimited AI-generated text scripts and voice-overs, 3 minutes of avatar speech, 10 presentations to upload, 50 links to share, and in-depth analytics.

On the 8th day after Trial activation, you will have to choose the most suitable plan; otherwise, access to your account will be restricted according to our current Terms of Use. This means that access to the presentations and analytics tabs will be restricted, also all the generated links will be deactivated. After you pick a paid plan, all the restrictions will fade, and you’ll be able to work with your content again.

If you’re a paid plan user, you can continue enjoying our services as usual. We’ll keep adding new exciting features, like voice cloning. If you’re using a free plan, starting April 1st, you will automatically activate a free 7-day Trial. After that, we will help you choose one of the paid plans according to your goals. Our team will provide all the support you need to make the switch easy.

Community aspect: building together.

Our community is the backbone of Pitch Avatar. It’s a vibrant mix of users who support, inspire, and learn from each other. One of the ways we foster this sense of community is through our webinars series.

These webinars provide exclusive AI, tech, and marketing knowledge from the best field experts to our audience for free. They serve as a platform for users to interact, share ideas, and learn from industry leaders. This initiative has been incredibly well-received by our community, further strengthening the bond among our users.

In fact, our community is so strong that, thanks to its votes, we unexpectedly won the award as Best Startup 2023, Vienna, Austria. This shows the strength and support of the Pitch Avatar and underscores our commitment to fostering a collaborative and friendly environment.

So, why wait? Explore the power of Pitch Avatar today, and let your presentations hit your goals! Join our community, participate in our events, and let’s build the future of presentations together!

Feel free to contact us at if you have any questions.


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