5 Reasons Why are Avatars "Better" than Humans?


Why Choose Avatars Over Humans? 5 Tasks for AI Assistance

Discover 5 tasks that presentation creators and online content authors can delegate to virtual doubles, according to the Pitch Avatar ROI4Presenter team.

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OK :) Now let’s come back to our topic: Why Choose Avatars Over Humans?

Within discussions about the practical applications of artificial intelligence, a prevailing sentiment often surfaces, asserting human superiority over robots. While we echo this sentiment in our publications, it’s essential to approach the issue rationally. Comparing humans to AI is akin to comparing humans to cars — each serves a distinct purpose. Humans, with their unique creative capacities, will always surpass machines. Instead of fearing job displacement, individuals should focus on harnessing the benefits of smart programs and machines for their advantage.

In this context, it’s more pertinent to explore the tasks individuals can confidently delegate to AI today, concentrating on creativity. Let’s scrutinize the potential of virtual hosts and avatars from this perspective. Not any particular one — we’re not here to turn this into a Pitch Avatar advertisement (well, maybe just a little :)). Drawing from our product’s functionality and competitor analysis, we’ve crafted a general image of modern virtual avatars and their capabilities. What sets them apart from humans, particularly for authors of presentations and other content in the realm of promotion and sales?

Avatars Maintain Consistent Shape and Mood

Unlike human presenters who may experience off-days, avatars remain perpetually ready for work, devoid of human factors like bad moods, family affairs, or unforeseen distractions. They ensure unwavering professionalism.

Avatars Always Look Impeccable

Presenters occasionally face challenges like illness, sleepless nights, or hurriedly dressing for an event. Avatars eliminate these concerns, consistently projecting an immaculate image that aligns with the desired brand image.

Avatars Perfectly Voice Text

While few presenters master the art of public speaking, avatars flawlessly voice text, avoiding mispronunciations and delivering the intended emotions as directed by their creators.

Avatars Speak Foreign Languages Flawlessly

Unlike human presenters limited by language proficiency, avatars excel in numerous foreign languages, enhancing their ability to voice content across diverse linguistic landscapes.

Avatars Respond Swiftly to Simple Questions

Dealing with repetitive and straightforward questions can be taxing for presenters. Avatars efficiently handle this routine, reacting promptly to inquiries, thus freeing up human presenters for more complex tasks.

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Avatars React Perfectly Quickly to Simple Questions

We would like to end this text with a small remark. Avatars allow the presenter to not just get an untiring virtual double or come up with a virtual host/co-host. With their help, you can get a real team of virtual presenters, thereby diversifying your online events and other content as much as possible — depending on goals, tasks, and circumstances. This team can include not only avatar hosts, but also avatar experts, avatar sellers, avatar support service, and many others. Inventing, constructing, and training specific avatars for specific tasks is a very creative and interesting job. Just for a person.

Good luck to everyone, successful presentations, and high incomes!

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