Why are chatbots and AI-based assistants needed in presentations?


They are indispensable for achieving the utmost personalization in responses to queries and other components of online content and events.

For those seeking more than a concise answer to the main question, let’s delve a bit deeper.

Leads (and money) we lose

Let’s address the obvious. Providing each viewer with the attention they need or desire, which often aligns, isn’t always feasible. Even with brief answers to questions during a presentation, many viewers miss personalized responses. Hosts and speakers are compelled to group similar questions, minimizing each answer. However, this contradicts the personalization policy embraced by most marketers and salespeople.

The absence of a swift, personalized response in a chat indicates a high chance of missing a real deal opportunity. Statistics reveal that about a quarter of customers expect their questions answered within two hours, with chat increasing the conversion rate by 82%. Potential buyers are impatient, turning to competitors and often choosing the first responder rather than the one with the best conditions.

Yet, it’s physically impossible to dedicate ample time and attention to each lead, particularly when they demand it. This leads to a paradox — we invest time and effort in acquiring leads, yet many are lost before we engage them.

Robots that answer questions…

Numerous presenters and developers have grappled with this issue. Our team created ROI4Presenter, turning any presentation recording into a live broadcast. However, this relies on the presenter being available to respond to viewers. Sleep, lunch, or another meeting may hinder a potential customer from joining a presentation.

Here’s where diligent and tireless modern robots come in. AI based on large linguistic models, natural language processing, and machine learning has birthed tools that assist presenters in solving this dilemma.

Equip your online presentation with a specially trained AI chatbot — it communicates with the audience on our behalf, individually and at their convenience. Whether viewed live or as a recording, its promotional and sales capabilities remain intact. Even a well-tuned virtual AI interlocutor occasionally calls a person, but as technology advances, this will become increasingly rare.

…and presenters.

Despite the challenge of engaging potential customers, we believe AI’s potential in promoting and selling online presentations goes beyond communication. Several AI tools can now conclude deals, accept payments, and issue orders. Hence, the creation of our Pitch Avatar, an AI assistant for presenters that can communicate, generate, translate, voice texts, and more.

Whether opting for our products or others, it’s evident that the successful creation and use of modern online presentations without AI-based solutions are implausible. Those sticking to old-fashioned methods will quickly find themselves overshadowed by competitors.
Wishing everyone luck, successful presentations, and high profits!

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