What should be the future of online presentations?


Here are some tips from the ROI4Presenter team that will help creators of sales-oriented and promotional online content stay ahead of the curve.


For over 35 years—since the official market debut of PowerPoint in 1987—creators of online presentations have staunchly relied on classic static slides. Background, image, and text. Or simply an image and text. Or background and text. Or background and image. You get the idea.


Let’s be clear—we don’t believe static slides are obsolete. They will continue to be used for a long time. Many will successfully use them as the foundation for their online presentations. However, such a choice won’t be mainstream. The future lies in different techniques, and engagement and dynamism are the key. The modern presenter’s motto can be succinctly expressed: Engagement and Dynamism.


To align with this motto, sales-oriented and promotional online content must stand on three pillars.

Pillar One: Video and Animation

Dynamic content sells better than static content, a fact supported by both statistics and intuition. In the past, presenters rarely used video and animation for a simple reason—creating static slides was cheaper, simpler, and faster. Today, creating diverse videos is sometimes easier than crafting a classic slide. Presenters now have access to various and relatively inexpensive video cameras (they’re even in smartphones) and AI-driven video, animation, and gif generators.


Conclusion: Use dynamic content as the primary illustrative material for online presentations. Reserve static slides for supporting roles, such as section covers.

Pillar Two: Interactivity

Online presentation viewers love actively participating in events. They lose interest if all the presenter offers is watching and listening. There are three main ways to engage viewers in a presentation.


  1. Provide the audience with the opportunity to ask questions and be prepared to answer them. It’s not necessary to leave the Q&A section until the end; you can divide it into parts, answering questions after each presentation “chapter”.
  2. Enhance the online presentation with interactive slides, featuring objects viewers can interact with.
  3. Incorporate a contest, game, or quiz into the presentation. This warms up leads during the event, and prizes—such as discounts—can turn winners into customers. Ideally, all participants should receive rewards, with the size of discounts or the number of benefits depending on their ranking.


Conclusion: To successfully engage viewers, incorporate at least one form of interaction into your online presentation. Ideally, apply all three methods. If you use ROI4Presenter, whose feedback system offers advantages similar to a live broadcast, this significantly simplifies audience engagement through interaction.

Pillar Three: Personalization and Adaptability

We all value personalized attention and offerings tailored to our needs and preferences. Therefore, an online presentation should be designed with each viewer in mind, considering their wishes and adapting for their convenience.


Start by ensuring your presentation works equally well across all operating systems and browsers, and looks great on all devices, including desktops and mobiles. It’s essential that viewers can easily perform all necessary actions for viewing and interactive participation, whether they’re using desktops, smartphones, or tablets.


When it comes to personalization, AI presenter assistants, like Pitch Avatar, can be a game-changer. However, this doesn’t eliminate the need for the presenter to understand their audience well and tailor content to specific individuals with specific tasks and needs.


Conclusion: Before creating a presentation, take the time to study your audience. Remember that people may view and interact with the presentation using various devices and programs. For more effective personalization, consider using modern AI-based presenter assistants, such as Pitch Avatar.


The future of online presentations is here, and it’s dynamic, engaging, and personalized. With tools like ROI4Presenter, we’re moving beyond the era of PowerPoint to a new age of presentations. 


Best of luck, successful presentations, and high profits!


Source: ROI4Presenter Blog

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