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The concept of AI Text Generation and Automated Content Creation

Get acquainted with a review of the most popular “writers” based on artificial intelligence, which can be useful for both solo entrepreneurs and international mega-corporations. The review is prepared by the ROI4Presenter team.


First, let’s figure out how AI writers can be used for commercial purposes.


Let’s start with a fact that will help to correctly assess their capabilities. Strictly speaking, AI text generators do not create original content, but combine it based on existing samples or imitate them. In other words, they act as copywriters, capable of both mistakes and plagiarism. Therefore, “writers” based on artificial intelligence cannot completely replace people. The optimal format of working with them is as follows: People formulate tasks for them, check and control the results, and use the material obtained in this way as a basis for further work. The reverse option is also possible – people “feed” the AI text, to which it suggests edits and additions.


What are the advantages of using AI “writers”? First of all, it is a saving of time and money. You don’t have to spend money on average copywriters – AI will do their job faster and cheaper, providing “drafts” for truly creative authors and editors.


Concluding the introduction, let’s note that AI “writers” are capable of working on the same types of business texts as people. Description of goods and services, letters, headlines, slogans, messages, stories, poems, speeches for presentations and webinars, articles, posts on social networks, instructions, responses to messages, letters and comments, etc. The main thing is to choose the right tools, optimally suitable for you and your tasks. We hope our review will help you in this process. Of course, it is far from complete, but we did not set ourselves the task of compiling an encyclopedic reference book. Our task is more modest – to introduce you to what types of AI “writers” exist and their capabilities. For simplicity, the review is compiled in alphabetical order.



AI text generator

An AI-based platform for generating and optimizing marketing text for websites, social networks, email, and advertising. With it, you can not only create content but also analyze its effectiveness, adapting it based on the data obtained for a specific situation and brand. Anyword can offer both a forecast of the effectiveness of the generated text for conversion and sales, and improvement of already posted content.

Article Forge 

This tool is adapted for creating articles and other texts on a given topic for SEO needs. It can optimize content in such a way that it corresponds to the algorithms of Google and other search engines, in order to increase ranking in search engines and, consequently, traffic to web resources. Note that a good result from it should be expected only if the topic for the text is formulated clearly and precisely.


ai text generator

One of the main features of this tool is the generation and/or adaptation of text within the chosen style. For example, humorous or official. Articoolo uses its own algorithm to check the uniqueness of the generated text. This minimizes the risk that the content created with this tool will turn out to be plagiarism.


Ask Writer

AI tools for business

A solution, trained and learning on a large number of books and articles, possessing, thanks to this, good text styling skills. It can generate ideas for text on a given topic, structure text, including for blogs, analyze content for protection against plagiarism and correct use of keywords.



A very easy-to-use universal AI assistant based on LLM from Google. Along with its main competitors – ChatGPT and Bing – Bard can be attributed to AI text generators of the initial level. He is capable of creating all kinds of content, including commercial. The task can be set before him in an arbitrary form, however, the result almost always requires checking and serious editing.


A universal AI assistant from Microsoft, capable of generating texts of all types and purposes for requests set in a free form. One of the main distinguishing features, three modes of operation – precise, balanced, and creative, which allow you to immediately set the basic style of the future text. As in the case with ChatGPT and Bard, this toolrequires checking and editing of the generated text.


AI assistant

This product from OpenAI remains one of the most popular universal AI assistants. Its main features are flexibility, adaptability, and a high level of language proficiency. It easily changes the style and format of communication with the interlocutor and, as a result, the text. It understands tasks formulated in a free form. However, it is prone to hallucinations and errors, so the editor needs to carefully check and double-check its data and statements.



A tool for generating and adapting content optimized for organic traffic growth. The basic idea embedded in Clearscope by its creators is to give people the content they are looking for. The solution, whose target users, apparently, are SEO and marketers.



AI Content generator

The creators have declared this tool as universal – having special functions for marketers, bloggers, copywriters, SEO, and others. ContentBot.ai can generate and adapt text to different styles and formats, suggest different ways of conveying the same thought. One of its useful features is an updated information base with a good outlook, helping to save time searching for the necessary data.


Content Villain

AI content generator

A product aimed at finding exclusive types, forms, and styles of content for each user and their brand. It is connected to the API and integrates with a number of useful tools, such as Pabbly, Zapier, Integraterly, SyncSpider, and others.



A tool developed primarily for creating marketing texts with the tasks facing SEO in mind. Adapted for creating product descriptions, advertising and promotional content, as well as for forming a uniform corporate style of texts. For the latter serves a special function “Brand Voice”. A fairly simple tool, clearly created with the aim that not only experienced professionals but also beginners in the field of copywriting will use it.



AI text generator

A solution mainly aimed at creating promotional and selling descriptions of goods, products, and services. Helps SEO solve problems related to keywords, hyperlinks, and text length.



AI text generator

A tool that is constantly learning in the course of communication with the user. Thanks to this, it is able to adapt to the needs of the client and issue more personalized content.



AI content generator for social media

This solution is primarily aimed at those for whom the main field of activity is social networks. With this AI, you can generate posts aimed at increasing the audience and increasing its involvement. Hundreds of basic templates for posts and messages are available to users.



AI text generator

A tool for researching, generating, editing, and optimizing content. One of its main features is the creation of a text structure with the highlighting of key chapters and sections. In addition, note the ability of Frase to reduce the time for research work – the algorithms of this solution help to search the Internet for the necessary information on a given topic.


AI copywriting tool

This tool is primarily an AI copywriter, focused on advertising texts, descriptions of goods and products, rewriting articles, SEO content, letters and messages to clients, responses to comments, captions to images, and the like. However, keep in mind that all of the above does not exclude the possibility of creating high-quality original content not related to business, including longreads.



AI content generator

A tool that uses natural language processing (NLP). It is primarily convenient for working with social networks, including creating messages for communicating with clients. It helps with SEO tasks, for example, recommending keywords and phrases on a given topic.



AI assistant

This platform is declared as universal and multifunctional, capable of writing anything from a caption to a photo on social networks, to a poem or love letter. Among its features are a large number of fonts, styles, and basic templates, including for advertising on Google and social networks, blog posts, emails, press releases, product descriptions, and more.


LongShot AI

AI text generator

A simple-to-use tool “sharpened”, primarily, for creating SEO content for blogs, well indexed by search engines.



ai text generator

A solution with a large number of functions. In addition to generating text, it is worth noting: SEO analysis; Keyword research, allowing you to select keywords with the best commercial effect; Formulas for creating SEO content, headlines, advertising, and much more.


Pepper Content

AI solution

A multifunctional platform for working with content, part of which is a text generator based on artificial intelligence Peppertype.ai. Users have several dozen templates for creating the most popular types of content, SEO solutions, and tools for checking text for literacy and compliance with set tasks. In addition, Pepper Content promises help in finding various creative ideas and creating a special style for each brand.



This solution specializes in forming a brand language. In other words, its task is to create all the textual, primarily marketing, content of the company in one corporate style. It’s not just about product and service descriptions, but also about letters, messages in messengers, notifications, and posts on social networks. 



AI bot

First of all, this online tool is an AI editor. With its help, you can paraphrase the text and select synonyms for frequently repeated or style-inappropriate words and expressions. One of its most interesting functions is the reduction or reworking of long texts into shorter ones, adapted, for example, for publication on social networks.  



AI content generator

Another multifunctional platform, capable of generating text in different styles, from casual-conversational to formal-official, and offering ready-made formats and drafts for various kinds of standard texts, like letters or posts on social networks. The creators paid special attention to minimizing errors and hallucinations, which all AI based on LLM suffer from without exception. Among the features, note the convenient possibility of team work on content. 



AI text generator

A tool capable of generating content based on the topic, keywords, and sample text. Its feature is an interesting editor function. For example, you can use the commands “shorten” or “expand” the selected text fragment or, say, the command “rewrite”. 



AI tool

The main idea of this platform is simplicity. Set the topic, style, and length of the text, and then edit what it will create for you – here is an approximate scheme by which it works. The built-in ChatSonic can be voice-controlled. The creators claim that Writesonic learns from SEO-optimized content, so texts created with its help should ideally appear on the first pages of search results. 


Concluding the review, allow us to remind you of an obvious fact. It is unlikely that a single tool can fully satisfy the requests of not only a serious company but also an individual. Therefore, the optimal approach when choosing AI content generators is to assemble a small collection with different capabilities, so that you always have at hand the tool that best meets a specific task.


Good luck and high profits to everyone!


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