How to craft an original, memorable, and budget-friendly presentation


Here are some tips from the ROI4Presenter team that will help authors of promoting and selling online content stand out from their competitors.
To make your presentation memorable, it is not necessary to spend a fortune on special effects or hire super-professional teams of designers, video engineers, and computer graphics specialists. Of course, it’s great if you have the resources for it. But our text is for the majority who have to rely on more modest resources than directors like Steven Spielberg. However, there are plenty of examples in the history of cinema of how an original and inexpensive approach allowed for the creation of a cult superhit.
Harness the power
One client once shared an interesting experience with us. While in Japan, he saw a local team of entrepreneurs present using… origami figures. By folding various images from colored paper squares, they brilliantly illustrated all the theses of their presentation. The event was held in a hall, but their presentation would hardly have looked worse on the screen.
Don’t rush to download origami textbooks. Of course, this is a very interesting, creative, and meditative art, but that’s not our advice. Think about what you love and are good at doing, and whether you can use that skill in your presentation.
Suppose your hobby is painting. Should you consider how to illustrate your presentation with images created by great masters? Or maybe your superpower is cooking? Why not think about presenting your ideas in the form of preparing some dish or even dishes? And how many opportunities for creating online presentations do modeling skills provide!
However, let’s not spoil your imagination game by listing all the options. We believe you have already grasped the essence of our advice.
Feel the thirst for speed
Try yourself as a movie presentation creator. Let there be no static frames in it! Viewers still tend to equate the concepts of “presentation” and “slides with still images and text.” What if you catch the viewer’s attention with an original moving picture from the first seconds and don’t let go until the very end? Especially since modern solutions, such as the Pitch Avatar presenter’s AI assistant, allow you to appear in any form, and the network is full of templates that allow you to dance on the top of Everest or race on a bolide around Saturn’s rings.
You are no longer in Kansas
Get out of the plane. Forget about borders, rules, and advice. Try to imagine your product in conditions and circumstances even further from reality than the country of Oz from Kansas. For example, sell it to reptilians from a secret reptilian government or to crews of flying saucers cutting through the expanses of the galaxy.
The essence of the idea is to demonstrate the capabilities and functionality of the product on the one hand, and to do so in the most memorable way possible on the other. How? Use your imagination. If you don’t have enough of it, try connecting artificial intelligence. In this case, the tendency of modern AI to “hallucinate” on complex queries can be of great service.
Make an offer that can’t be refused
Do you remember that your key task is to sell? In this case, it doesn’t matter what you want to get as payment – money, likes, reviews, or, say, the number of downloads. We didn’t ask this question by chance. Presentations that tell very talentedly about a product or solution, but do not formulate an offer as such, are encountered everywhere. In other words, they don’t tell the viewer what they should actually do. It creates the impression that the authors of the presentations… are embarrassed to tell the viewer “buy our product”.
But can you expect the desired reaction without making an offer? This is at least illogical. Realizing this fact, think about how to formulate your offer so that the audience wants to accept it.
We believe that the most successful way, thanks to which the credit market has been working successfully for a long time, is “Use now, pay later”.
Work on how to “package” this message in an original way, and you will almost certainly succeed. For example, “hide” discounts on a product, service, or product in contests and tests. People are not inclined to refuse what they have put some effort into obtaining. Or offer free use for a decent period of time. Let’s say a month. During this time, the user will get used to considering your tool as their own. And we, sorry for the pun, are not used to refusing what we are used to. You can give the foundation for free and charge for additional features. The main thing, we repeat once again, is not to forget to make an offer to the audience.
Good luck to everyone, successful presentations, and high income!
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