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What are the specific benefits of dialogue programs and digital conversationalists based on artificial intelligence from a business perspective? What products in this category are available on the market and how do they differ from each other? The ROI4Presenter team provides an overview of these and other chatbot-related questions.

The advent of AI-based chatbots has revolutionized online communication with users. They have greatly simplified communication with potential and existing customers on messengers, social networks, or websites. While previous chatbots relied solely on pre-prepared scripts, current ones use large linguistic models (LLM), natural language processing (NLP), and machine learning (ML). This allows them to understand user requests in any form and generate corresponding responses in a real dialogue style with a real person.

Chatbots are designed to help businesses attract leads and increase customer satisfaction, which in turn leads to increased brand loyalty.

Chatbots can perform a wide range of tasks, such as:

  • Answer frequently asked questions

  • Consult on products and services

  • Encourage transactions or purchases by sharing information about promotions, discounts, and new products

  • Recommend products, goods, and services according to customer preferences

  • Process orders, payments, and deliveries

  • Collect feedback and suggestions

  • Send personalized messages and notifications

By using chatbots, businesses can provide a more efficient and personalized customer experience, which can lead to increased sales and customer loyalty. Additionally, chatbots can be used to automate marketing processes and support email nurture campaigns, among other things. Chatbots are a powerful tool for businesses looking to streamline their operations and improve customer engagement.

Compared to traditional forms of communication, chatbots have the following main advantages:

  • They work quickly, around the clock, and without breaks.

  • They do not allow factual errors in describing a product or service.

  • They are capable of serving a large number of customers simultaneously.

  • They reduce costs for training and paying staff who communicate with customers.

  • They patiently strive to engage in a friendly and personalized dialogue with customers, regardless of their mood.

However, all of the above are nothing more than general characteristics of modern chatbots. Of course, every developer working in this field strives to give their internet interlocutor individual traits and capabilities. Our overview aims to provide an idea of which chatbots for marketing and sales are available on the market today and how they differ. For simplicity, the overview is arranged in alphabetical order.


This solution is primarily of interest to companies that are scaling their marketing and sales internationally. With its help, you can create multilingual multipurpose chatbots that offer visualized analytics and statistics, among other things. Among the features, we note Aivo’s ability to offer customers video tips and video instructions.


The main features of this chatbot creation solution include drag-and-drop construction without code, integration with popular platforms (Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.), pre-trained models that save time in setting up a chatbot for each specific type of business. We note Ada’s ability to analyze profiles and metadata for communication personalization and support for more than 50 languages.

Appy Pie 

A simple no-code chatbot builder. Offers various customizable templates, integration options, and, among other things, the ability to create virtual AI assistants. Based on OpenAI’s ChatGPT.


Chatbots created with this solution are primarily oriented towards sales and marketing tasks. Thanks to a multitude of templates, they are easy to set up and deploy and can not only handle customer support but also send personalized offers. Among the useful additional features, we note the analysis tools, chatbot performance tracking, conversational forms for lead generation, and integration with popular messengers and social networks."


Chatfuel is a chatbot platform created primarily for working with customers on social media. Accordingly, it is easy to use and offers many templates and integrations. One of the important features is the desire to identify leads configured for purchase and focus on working with them.


Chatling is a simple builder that allows you to set up and add a chatbot to your website in minutes. Essentially, all Chatling users need to do is “feed” the chatbot URLs and addresses of resources and pages on which it should be trained. offers AI-based services for sales automation, of which chatbots are just a part. Among the main features of, we note the identification of anonymous website visitors by email, solid sets of tools and templates for sales automation, a rich database, very high compatibility, and integration with other solutions and products.


Drift offers conversational AI as one of its offerings. Overall, Drift aims to provide users with hyper-targeting by combining AI-controlled chatbots, email, and video content. Drift’s chatbot training and configuration are aimed at maximum personalization of customer interactions at all stages.


A platform for creating chatbots with a wide range of tasks. Marketers and salespeople may be interested in it primarily due to the creators’ claimed banking-level security system.


A chatbot based on OpenAI developments from Intercom, specifically created for uninterrupted and advanced customer support for companies of all levels, sizes, and types of activities. Among other things, it offers analytics and reporting tools, an internal messenger, integration with Salesforce, and other useful functions and tools.

Forethought AI 

A platform created primarily for support services. Its chatbots not only answer users’ simple questions but also help classify and sort requests, routing them according to settings. At the same time, Forethought AI solutions can work as assistants for employees, providing them with timely reference and analytical information.


The chatbot builder from the marketing and sales platform can boast ease of use and good functionality. Among other things, users have access to chatbot templates, integration with CRM, communication scaling capabilities, and customer action analysis. Note that in this case, AI does not play the “first violin.” It is rather a supplement to the settings that the user chooses.

IBM Watsonx Assistant 

A conversational AI platform that allows you to create chatbots and voice agents for automating customer interactions across various channels. Given the IT brand it belongs to, it is not surprising that IBM Watsonx Assistant provides the widest range of integration and seamless use.

Infobip Answers 

This builder allows you to create a chatbot that uses both pre-configured responses and AI-generated responses that mimic human communication. Infobip’s strategy assumes omnichannel usability, so the client can communicate with the chatbot company using any platform that is convenient for them. Along with the chatbot, you can use customer routing templates, analytics tools, and integrations.


This tool is a kind of hybrid “chatbot + human”. First and foremost, it is an assistant that helps manage communication with customers across multiple channels. Its basic purpose is to sort and redirect customers to the appropriate human specialists. However, it can be trained and configured to give answers to the most common questions on its own. Among its features are wide possibilities for analyzing customer interactions and creating corresponding reports.


Kore.AI is a conversational AI platform primarily oriented towards companies and corporations. With Kore.AI, you can create chatbots and virtual assistants for interacting with customers, as well as for assisting individual employees, departments, and organizations as a whole. It offers rich possibilities for configuring the training, testing, analysis, and management of AI assistants and chatbots.


This solution offers a chatbot builder that allows you to create online conversationalists for any purpose, taste, and platform using drag-and-drop. Users have access to a wide range of design, behavior, and template settings that help configure different types of chatbots. For example, for lead generation, conducting surveys, or supporting customers. Note that Landbot chatbots can collect user data, classify customers, monitor and analyze various interaction metrics.


A chatbot with wide-ranging capabilities and functionality, whose AI has been trained on conversations and messages for over 20 years. The LivePerson virtual conversationalist can offer products and services, create recommendations based on user requests, provide customer and employee support, resolve conflicts, and provide a long, useful conversation without losing context. By collecting and analyzing the information obtained during communication, it can effectively “transfer” the customer to a human employee to conclude a deal or answer questions that go beyond the competence of AI.


Lyro is a very simple solution from Tidio that can be activated in just a few minutes. No additional training is required - Lyro learns on the questions asked and, at the same time, retains the ability to quickly formulate complex answers to solve customer problems. 


ManyChat is a platform specializing in chatbots for marketing and sales through Instagram Direct Messages, Facebook Messenger, email, and SMS. It integrates with websites and social media profiles. It interacts with popular tools such as Google Sheets, MailChimp, Klaviyo, HubSpot, Zapier, and others. Among its capabilities, we note the automated process of collecting contact data. For example, having started a conversation on social networks, ManyChat can continue it by sending emails and SMS to the email address and phone number found in the interlocutor’s profile.

ProProfs Chat

The idea of this chatbot is to provide sales and customer support 24/7 with maximum automation. Among the advantages of ProProfs Chat are ease of setup and use, focus on personalization, anticipation of customer questions, data analysis, and integration with popular platforms.

Salesforce Einstein Bots 

One of the main features of chatbots created with this tool, as you might guess, is that they integrate easily and without errors with all Salesforce products. This applies primarily to Salesforce Service Cloud. In other words, bots gain access to CRM data and can use information about customers in their work.


This recruiting automation solution platform offers the services of an AI assistant with a chatbot, among other things. According to Sense’s creators, their conversational artificial intelligence is specially adapted and tuned to the needs of recruiters and headhunters.


A chatbot oriented towards the needs of marketers and salespeople who focus primarily on working with customers through WhatsApp. Among the features are monitoring and analytics based on data obtained during communication and the formation of personalized offers.

Zendesk Support Suite

This comprehensive service solution provides customer and employee support based on AI using chatbots, email, social media, and mobile communications. Among the advantages, we note a good level (90+) of integration with other tools and products.

In conclusion, despite the variety of existing chatbot builders, no virtual conversationalist created with their help is yet capable of fully automating communication with customers. Yes, they can eliminate the costs of ordinary support staff who perform monotonous and tedious work of sorting and classifying customers. But highly qualified support, marketing, and sales staff will remain key figures on the business chessboard for a long time to come. Only they are currently capable of dealing with complex customer problems, promoting products based on original creative ideas, and concluding deals by flexibly changing negotiation tactics.

Good luck to everyone, successful presentations, and high profits!


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