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The Pitch Avatar team from ROI4Presenter analyzes the key trends of 2023 and shares future forecasts.


In recent years, marketing specialists have extensively discussed two trends. On one hand, there’s a reduction in the average duration of online presentations. On the other hand, there’s a surge in the popularity of videos for sales and promotional content.


It’s no surprise that these lines intersected, and in recent years, including 2023, one of the major trends has been short videos. Here are some eloquent statistical indicators:



Despite this, among “old-school” entrepreneurs, there are still those who view this tool as “frivolous” or “amateurish.” Can you adequately and qualitatively convey information about yourself or your product in a minute or less? That’s the crux of their arguments “against.” However, short videos aren’t meant for detailed brand or product narratives. They capture the customer’s attention and encourage deeper interest. And nothing prevents us from creating them at a level of professional quality. Here are the three main advantages of short videos:


  • High Audience Engagement: Short videos are easy to watch and memorable, leading to increased audience engagement.
  • Broad Reach of Potential Customers: Short videos are showcased by recommendation systems and search engines, ensuring a wide reach.
  • Simplicity and Speed of Creation: Especially with the widespread use of AI video generators, short videos can be produced quickly and effortlessly.


If you haven’t appreciated these benefits in 2023, make sure to do so in 2024. And, by the way, it appears that short videos are a long-lasting trend. Therefore, it’s worth seriously exploring and unlocking their potential.


Wishing everyone luck, success, and high returns!


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