Oktoberfest of our updates!


Hello everyone! October is not only the time of wonderful holidays like Oktoberfest or Halloween, but also the time of the next ROI4Presenter improvements.


Our great development team reacts rapidly to new user needs, makes additions and develops the solution quickly. But the business department is also constantly thinking about what else we can do for our customers. For example, the free ROI4Presenter plan now includes two presentations for upload instead of one. So you get twice the functionality at no extra cost! 


The ROI4Presenter interface has become more user-friendly, functional and ergonomic. The ability to leave comments on slides has been added.  The size of the avatar (video) on the presentation slides has been significantly increased.



Plus, you won’t miss when a presenter joins a session – we’ve added a new notification window and improved browser notifications.



New advanced branding features allow you to not only brand your presentation, but also add interactivity. The company administrator can now add a clickable logo of your organisation to the presentation that the client will see in their player interface. In addition, you can set the fill colour not only for the header, but also for the buttons in the header of the listener’s player.



More useful information is now available in the Presenter interface. The My Presentations and Shared Presentations tables show the number of slides in uploaded presentations, the presence of text descriptions (scripts), videos, the number of views and links.



The Analytics table is now more informative with data from completed lead forms. The onboarding process for new users is now easier than ever. You can try ROI4Presenter for free or schedule an online meeting with our experts in just a few clicks from the home page.




Taking user experience and customer feedback into account, we have improved the CMS’s capabilities by adding new notification management features and increased security by introducing a two-step registration process. Integration with third party solutions such as CRM has also been improved. And, as always, we found and fixed the little bugs that sometimes annoyed users.


So, we are improving step by step.


See you soon in the new digest!


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