Find the antagonist for your online presentation or The power of storytelling and conflict


Did you know that the key to a memorable presentation lies in presenting information as a captivating story? Research indicates that over 50% of the audience finds a compelling story to be the most attractive element of a presentation, with more than 60% recalling the narrative post-presentation compared to a mere 5% for statistics.


For an impactful presentation, consider framing it as an interesting and memorable story. The timeless plot of conflict, portraying the struggle of good against evil, serves as an ideal backdrop. Your company, product, or idea plays the role of the hero, while the challenges faced by your audience become the villain you aim to conquer.


Avoid delving into exhaustive product details; instead, offer a reference slide for interested viewers. Focus the main part of your presentation on narrating how your solution triumphs over common problems. Feel free to craft a fictional or real-life story — the key is to genuinely captivate your audience.


Let’s not go far for examples. Suppose you represent Pitch Avatar from ROI4Presenter. Describe a marketer, sales manager, HR specialist, or corporate training expert who often has to create online presentations. He is the sad and gloomy knight besieged by terrible monsters. These monsters are named Time Deficit, Fatigue from writing a large number of texts, Lack of speakers, Burnout from constant performances and recordings. And now tell how your Lancelot, reinforced with Pitch Avatar, defeats these monsters. Pitch Avatar creates a foundation for his texts and scripts, translates and creates virtual images of Lancelot himself or the additional speakers he needs and, of course, using these images, voices the presentation texts with selected intonations. Hooray, the monsters are defeated, chained, or lying beheaded. The cheerful Lancelot now has free time. He can go to a fun feast with friends at the round table or entertain the beautiful lady with love songs. Something like that.


Of course, this is just one possible example, but we believe you’ve grasped the essence.


Good luck to everyone, successful presentations, high incomes… and no monsters!


Source ROI4Presenter Blog

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