Conduct a team presentation… Without a team


Honestly, have we intrigued you? We hope so. Especially since we’re not exaggerating or trying to mislead you with a promising headline. We will actually show you how to have your own team of speakers and presenters that can change based on the specific online content and event.


But first, let’s understand why this is necessary. The challenge lies in holding the audience’s attention, which is a very difficult task. Studies show that the average duration of watching an online presentation ranges from 3 to 5 minutes. What if you need more time to convey your thoughts, ideas, and proposals to your viewers? And you don’t have a “Hollywood” budget.


One of the most effective solutions is to divide the presentation among several speakers and co-presenters. Just like they do for lengthy award ceremonies, variety shows, charity evenings, and the like.


Ideally, you should select a separate speaker for each section or part of the presentation. Then the audience’s attention will “reboot,” and subconsciously, they will perceive each “chapter” of the online event as an independent presentation. Very convenient. On a conscious level, people will understand that they are watching a comprehensive presentation, while subconsciously, their “attention concentration timer” will reset with the appearance of each new speaker. Yes, yes, that’s right. This technique was often used by Steve Jobs.


The main problem is where to find speakers when you need them. Anyone who has dealt with this knows how challenging it is to organize even a live broadcast – recording each participant’s presentation. There’s a high chance that it will drag on and may even fall apart right before the deadline, forcing you to redo everything urgently. Not to mention situations where you don’t have the time to look for speakers and co-presenters.


The latest development in artificial intelligence has solved this problem. Using AI, our ROI4Presenter team has created an intelligent assistant for presenters called Pitch Avatar. It helps develop, write, translate, and edit scripts, plans, and texts for presentations. But the most important feature is that it allows you to create a virtual speaker based on an uploaded photograph. It can voice the given text in any language with the chosen intonation and a corresponding “personification.”


In practice, this means that you can create any number of speakers – both virtual duplicates of real people and entirely fictional ones. Do you understand the opportunities that lie before you? No matter what type of presentation you are preparing – educational, social, commercial, or scientific – you have a ready and obvious way to diversify it with different hosts and speakers. This saves you a lot of time because you don’t need to coordinate with anyone or rehearse and rerecord the performance multiple times. Obviously, this also applies to the main presenter. If you don’t enjoy speaking in public, create your virtual avatar and delegate this work to them.


Good luck to everyone, successful presentations, and high income!


Source ROI4Presenter Blog.

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