Get leads with your digital persona, or five reasons to “hire” a virtual Pitch Avatar presenter.


What is Pitch Avatar? It is an artificial intelligence-based digital assistant created by the ROI4Presenter team. Its primary purpose is to maximally relieve the creators of all sorts of online content, presentations, and other virtual events from their chores. Here’s what it can do.

Writes and edits


You can have Pitch Avatar create and modify texts on a given topic. These can be scripts, slide captions, talking points for the presenter, and any text you need for presentations or other content. It lets you experiment with different styles, formats and choices, corrects mistakes, and gives tips for cutting down or adding detail. With Pitch Avatar, you have a versatile editor and time-saving literary ghostwriter.

Works as a presenter and provides a voice for the content


Pitch Avatar can also create a customized virtual presenter if you desire. You can use the built-in images or upload a photo of your choice. The digital presenter is animated and its movements are synchronized with the text it speaks. You can voice it yourself, or you can trust Pitch Avatar to do it. It can speak with any voice and intonation you choose. You can create an unlimited number of digital speakers for each online event. For example, according to the number of topics the presentation covers. This will diversify your presentation and help hold your audience’s attention.

Localizes and personalizes your content


Using information from LinkedIn and/or a CRM system, Pitch Avatar tailors your content so that it becomes a personalized offer for each client. Note that it can translate and dub text into other languages, which differentiates Pitch Avatar from presentations that are reduced to captions.

Interacts with the viewer and the human presenter


Pitch Avatar can adapt your content as you present, based on viewer questions and reactions. It can change the presentation’s script and the order in which slides and other materials are shown based on viewer behavior. It can also be configured to answer a variety of questions. When faced with a question that it cannot answer, Pitch Avatar will either call a human presenter or promise to pass the question on to the authors of the presentation. Of course, the presentation can initially be structured so that a human and Pitch Avatar make it together.

More than an assistant


Even though Pitch Avatar was originally designed as an assistant for writers of online content and presenters, it has a much wider scope. Given its capabilities, that’s no surprise. You can use it as an online salesperson and online recruiter, a teaching assistant and personal secretary, a tour guide and a travel agent – it all depends on your line of work.  


If you’re already using ROi4Presenter, you’ve probably noticed that Pitch Avatar integrates perfectly with its basic functionality. If you haven’t joined the ranks of our customers yet, it’s high time you did and got yourself an advanced AI assistant.


Good luck, successful presentations, and high profits to you all!


Source ROI4Presenter Blog

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