R4P Customer Catcher approved: the best Salesforce tools for sales and lead generation


R4P Customer Catcher has joined the list of Salesforce partners, and what better occasion to discuss the top apps on the AppExchange that seamlessly integrate with our product and cater to the needs of sales managers?


Conga Composer

Conga on Salesforce banner

Conga Composer stands out as a feature-rich document automation tool, empowering users to create branded personalized styles and templates, efficiently manage, track, and modify documents, and even easily incorporate electronic signatures. It’s a game-changer for those seeking to streamline document management, minimize errors, and enhance overall work quality.


Distribution Engine

Distribution Engine on salesforce banner

Next on the list is Distribution Engine, an application designed to optimize the distribution of potential customers among salespeople. This tool considers factors like experience, skills, and client specifics, ensuring the perfect match between leads and sales representatives. It is an ideal solution for effective lead management and sales efficiency.



Gong.io salesforce banner

The Revenue Intelligence Platform crafted for those who rely on successful customer communication to drive revenue. Gong analyzes various communication channels, leveraging AI to identify strategies that lead to revenue growth.


Highspot Sales Enablement

Highspot Sales Enablement salesforce banner

A dynamic platform that constantly evolves and improves its features, empowering sales teams with content sourcing, management, training, analytics, templates, lead nurturing, and customer interaction solutions, catering to both team-wide and individual needs.


Seismic Enablement Cloud

seismic on salesforce banner

Seismic is a comprehensive cloud-based solution bringing together an impressive array of tools for customer-centric salespeople, encompassing strategy planning, training, analytics, content automation, and customer interaction, all powered by AI. It’s a versatile and scalable solution for sales teams of any size and ambition.



vision ecommerce BANNER

Visualize Salesforce data, partners, customers, leads, and contacts on Google Maps – like a modern collection of Salesforce business cards neatly displayed on a map. And yes, it works seamlessly on both desktop and mobile devices.


Xactly Incent

Xactly banner

A sales team manager’s dream – automating the process of planning, managing, and calculating salaries, commissions, and bonuses, saving up to 60% of the time and boasting 99.8% accuracy. Not just that, it becomes a motivational powerhouse with personalized and transparent “current account” insights for each team member.


ZoomInfo SalesOS

zoom info on saleforce banner

The tool is a rapid and precise B2B customer finder with an extensive database containing around 65 million phone numbers and 150 million email addresses, coupled with buyer intention tracking that connects you to the best potential customers actively seeking services or products.

In addition, ZoomInfo SalesOS offers several solutions to help maximize the speed of routine business processes.

This curated selection might be subjective. Still, it’s based on what we believe represents originality, innovation, and successful execution of seemingly straightforward ideas that demand ongoing refinement. We handpicked the “five stars” that align with the spirit of the times and resonate with our own R4P Customer Catcher.

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