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Tips on how to end an online event to get 27% more leads.

Every presenter had faced a situation more than once or twice when the effect of his work turned out to be less than expected. It is a shame when the presentation meets all modern requirements – short, concise, interactive, original illustrations and memorable stories – but the number of leads at its end is at most a third or even a quarter of the total number of viewers. In such cases, the problem usually lies in the unsuccessful completion of the event, no matter whether we are talking about live or recorded.

Let’s remember what a typical final online presentation looks like. The traditional closing slide is: “Thank you for your attention!” At best, it’s joined by contacts and links. It is a mistake that wastes much of the presenter’s effort. You can brilliantly conduct a Q&A session, snag attention with great interactive slides, and even perfectly summarize the main ideas and benefits of your offering in a concise and accessible way, clearly explaining how it can solve problems and meet the needs of your audience. But a traditional “goodbye” that makes no practical sense leaves warmed-up users bewildered, breaking the effect of an otherwise successful presentation.

The optimal ending should be different. Its secret is to ask the viewer to make one clear and understandable step at the end of the viewing. Buy the product, leave contacts, sign up for the next event, click the link to download the demo, sign up for a consultation, etc. Promise discounts, gifts, and perks. According to statistics, the increase in conversions will be about 27% in this case!

Good luck to everyone, successful presentations and high income!


Source ROI4Presenter Blog

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