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20 minutes

This is the duration recommended by the Guy Kawasaki formula (aka PowerPoint rules). It is worth considering that this formula was created for a live presentation in front of a real audience in the hall. For example, in front of investors. But for an online presentation, especially if it is watched in a recording, 20 minutes is too long. It is better to use the Kawasaki formula for its intended purpose, and put it online only as a kind of bonus to the live presentation. 


10 minutes

Ten-minute online presentations are often compared to sermons. The fact is that experienced preachers know that their audience starts to lose attention to the presentation just by the end of the 10-minute time period. Back in 2014, Forbes posted an interesting article on this topic. Note that the audience that comes to listen to sermons does so on their own initiative. Their attention does not need to be specifically grabbed and held. This leads to a simple conclusion: Online presentations of 10 minutes are best created for those occasions when you are confident that your audience is passionately interested in the topic.


3 minutes 41 seconds.

According to recent research, approximately one-third of all online presentations are viewed on mobile devices. And the average time spent by the average viewer is exactly 3 minutes and 41 seconds. For comparison – for dextops this figure is 4.24. Obviously, a third of viewers is enough to make the duration of 3.41 a reference point when calculating the timing of an online presentation.


Finally, note that all of the above applies to the core content of an online presentation. Communication with the audience can lengthen its duration to infinity. Especially if you took advantage of ROI4Presenter and turned it into an endless live stream.


Good luck, successful presentations and high profits everyone!


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