Techniques to attract and retain online presentation’s audience, part II


In the first part, we discussed the ideal presentation length and storytelling. Today, we’ll explore how to make your audience more engaged and your slides more remarkable.


Real-Time Interaction

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Engage your online audience using the power of question-and-answer mode, the oldest and most effective interactive public speaking technique. 

Please use the chat room to involve the entire audience, allowing them to ask and answer questions in real time. This active participation keeps their attention focused and provides valuable insights into their level of interest and involvement.  For example, you can use ROI4Presenter

Remember that with modern technologies, you can continue the conversation even after the live broadcast, ensuring ongoing engagement.

By becoming a real interlocutor, you transcend being a mere image on the screen and capture your audience’s undivided attention.


Be Specific

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“Be specific from the first words and slides” is the advice of numerous public speaking gurus, including Garr Reynolds and Guy Kawasaki, who popularized the 10:20:30 formula. 

Despite the emphasis on delivering concise and dynamic presentations, many speakers overlook the importance of specificity at the outset. Some hesitate to dive straight into the topic, opting for lengthy introductions or assuming their audience lacks knowledge. 

However, such practices waste time and show disrespect for the audience’s attention. Starting with a lengthy introduction can bore and disengage your audience before you even reach the point. Recognize that you have a limited window to capture the attention of potential clients – statistics indicate that the majority make their decision within the first 15 seconds of a presentation! (Storydoc)

You can instantly captivate your audience by getting straight to the point and focusing on what’s important. A sample start like “Hi everyone, today I’m going to tell you how to use ROI4Presenter to catch leads for your content around the clock” demonstrates this approach effectively, ensuring that your message is heard loud and clear.


More pictures and videos

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The traditional “talking head” style may not captivate audiences, as research shows that about 60% of viewers crave more visual content in presentations (Weshare). Visuals enhance information perception and have a lasting impact, with people remembering 80% of what they see compared to only 10% of what they hear (Medium).

Presenters can use modern technology to create captivating presentations that minimize the speaker’s on-screen presence. Visual content takes the spotlight, ensuring the audience a dynamic and engaging experience. 

Remember, a text should be limited to a quarter of the slide size and consist of no more than six words for optimal impact.

Video, in particular, deserves special attention. Even a simple video can boost viewing time by 37% and increase click-through rates by 17% (Storydoc). Furthermore, videos provide an excellent opportunity to showcase the functionality and benefits of your product or service. As the saying goes, seeing is believing.

So, if you’re convinced that visual content is a treat that presentation viewers crave, embrace its power and make it an integral part of your presentations. 


The main secret

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While there are numerous techniques to keep your audience engaged throughout your presentation, we’ll reveal the ultimate secret right here. Are you ready? 

It’s simple: be attentive to yourself. Carelessness, haste, and generic content are instantly noticeable to those who frequently watch online presentations: rest assured, they will draw conclusions that might not align with your intentions. Therefore, we emphasize the importance of being meticulous and attentive. 

Pay attention to every detail, from the overall structure to individual components. Before incorporating any element, ask yourself: “How will people react? What will they think and feel?” 

Seek fresh perspectives by sharing drafts with others and exploring innovative ways to present your content. Create your unique magic, and success (and lucrative contracts) will follow.

May luck be on your side as you deliver awe-inspiring presentations!


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