Low effort, high reward: AI-driven corporate learning


Use AI to simplify all creation and conduct processes of corporate training webinars and presentations.

In today’s business landscape, the significance of training and development hardly needs an introduction. As the wise words of Henry Ford ring true, “The only thing worse than training your employees and having them leave is not training them and having them stay!” 

94% of employees agree to stay longer at a company if it invests in their training.


However, it’s time to face the truth: once revolutionary for their visual appeal and time-saving attributes, online presentations and webinars somewhat lost their magic over time. Many of us have encountered the same old formula – static and monotonous slides accompanied by a weary presenter. 

Inadequate training and disengagement can lead to more than $500 billion in annual losses.


What has happened to a once convenient and effective tool? The answer is quite simple – it has been used excessively. With the rapid pace of updating professional information, the need to master new skills and tools has become more frequent compared to the past. Moreover, online presentations are now employed for various topics, from safety and cybersecurity to corporate policies and disease prevention, making them an essential means of sharing information within companies.

41% of employees think that boring training programs can hinder learning.


Preparing and conducting these presentations often falls on a select few, such as department heads, HR managers, and marketing specialists, who are already burdened with their regular tasks. Consequently, presentations can become perceived as additional and secondary duties, even if the importance of corporate training is understood. This fatigue and overload can lead to the repeated use of templates and solutions, as highlighted by Decktopus. Unfortunately, the option of hiring expert help for creating and delivering online presentations is often overlooked.

36% of talent developers agree that increasing employee engagement is a serious challenge.


In addition to the factors mentioned earlier, subjective reasons are linked to personal inclinations, talents, and preferences. A prime example in the context of online presentations is the fear of public speaking, which can hinder even the most competent HR professionals. It’s no surprise, as about 75% of individuals experience some level of fear of public speaking, as the Journal of Education and Educational Development reported.

Thankfully, as challenges arise with progress, progress itself offers solutions. Enter a new generation of products driven by artificial intelligence and Large Linguistic Models designed to support authors and presenters of online events, including corporate training specialists.

74% of employees think they have a lot of untapped potential and want more training.


Among these innovative tools, the Pitch Avatar from ROI4Presenter stands out as the embodiment of an AI assistant for effective learning.


Here is how the service handles these challenges:

Consider your script and text written and translated.

Creating a compelling presentation is no easy feat, and most authors find themselves spending over 8 hours to perfect it (Infographic Design Team). Unfortunately, in this race against the clock, the focus often shifts towards crafting the script and text, leaving little room for the visual content. Yet, we know that viewers retain visual information better (Duarte).

Pitch Avatar AI-powered assistant helps you develop script options, write engaging texts, and translate them into multiple languages. All in a matter of minutes (usually even less). By delegating these tasks, you’ll have ample time to craft the visuals to captivate your audience during your next presentation or webinar. 


Personalizes your presentation.

The power of personalized content is undeniable, and while it’s often seen as a luxury reserved for client-facing materials, one should not underestimate its impact on corporate training. Personalization fosters respect, trust, and team unity among employees. 

With Pitch Avatar by your side, personalizing your training presentations becomes a breeze. Leveraging data from LinkedIn, it seamlessly tailors the content, ensuring each employee receives a personalized message that resonates with them. 


Will conduct a presentation and handle answering questions.

Public speaking can be a daunting task for many, professionally and psychologically. Moreover, frequent presentations can lead to presenter burnout, not to mention the time-consuming process of delivering or recording a presentation.

Enter Pitch Avatar. Upload your photo and presentation text in any language, and our AI  will dub it with your chosen voice and intonation, bringing it to life with animated synchronicity. Create a virtual version of yourself!

You can keep your audience engaged with Pitch Avatar’s ability to switch between speakers – a perfect strategy for long training sessions or webinars. The virtual presenter doesn’t just stop at conducting the presentation; it interacts with the audience, recording comments and answering pre-planned questions. And if a question stumps, the virtual presenter can seamlessly hand over the reins to a human presenter, who can jump into the presentation anytime.

It allows you to learn at your convenience.

In summary, a presentation created with Pitch Avatar harnesses all the fundamental functionality of ROI4Presenter. One of its standout features is the advanced real-time communication system between viewers and the presentation author. No need to gather employees at a specific time; share the ready presentation links, allowing each individual to study it when it suits them best. As employees start viewing, you’ll receive a notification from the service and a detailed report on user activity at the end of a session. This seamless interaction ensures you know precisely when your material has been studied, and if needed, you can connect for live communication.

In tandem with ROI4Presenter’s comprehensive service, mobile application, extensions and presentation tools itself, corporate training specialists can break free from routine and unlock opportunities to explore new, original ideas. 

May luck be on your side as you deliver awe-inspiring presentations!


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