Design trends to incorporate this year to modernize your presentations


What design choices will help your slides to win the audience’s approval? ROI4Presenter’s Team pick for 2023.


Ecology and the Green Transition

Collage with different green and ecological contexts

The ever-growing importance of environmental consciousness continues to dominate trends in every industry, with no exception to presentations. Even in the face of challenges like pandemics and war, the “greens” stand strong. Showcasing your commitment to sustainability and nature is now more relevant than ever.

But how can you incorporate these ideals into presentations unrelated to the environment? Consider using visuals: trees to symbolize growth, mountains to represent resilience, and waterfalls to capture dynamism.

When it comes to people-centric visuals, the options are limitless. Climbers conquering towering peaks portray ambition, while serene meditation on a green lawn conveys tranquillity.

Incorporating natural elements into slide designs is an excellent choice. Unobtrusive patterns featuring leaves, flowers, clouds, mountains, and waves can enhance your slides, regardless of the topic. In summary, nature remains an infinite source of inspiration.


Freedom from Stereotypes

Collage of colorful images portraying diversity and queerness

Inclusion continues to captivate public attention today, yet many authors overlook its importance when crafting presentations. Perhaps they’re hesitant or fearful of featuring images challenging outdated standards established decades ago. But by including representatives from different cultures, religions, people with disabilities, or the LGBT+ community, you’ll send a clear message to your audience that your company values all customers and embraces broad, modern perspectives.

When thinking about inclusion, some might get frustrated about whom to show. But think about your friends or colleagues; most certainly not all of them look like attractive models – regular people have scars, vary in size and cloth, and so on. You don’t need to jump over your head to include for the sake of it; just fill your slides with regular people – ordinary people are pretty different from each other.


Golden choice: abstraction

Different colorful abstract patterns composed together

Need help finding original images for your related presentations? Look no further than abstract geometric shapes. You’ll instantly catch your audience’s attention by incorporating ordinary pictures and text within circles, squares, and other figures, placed on stunning slides with a unique background. Just remember to avoid making these elements too small, as it can be frustrating for viewers to decipher the images and text.

The beauty of this solution lies in its versatility, suitable for presentations on any topic. With a bit of creativity in color selection and shape manipulation, you can effortlessly transform the same template into visually distinct presentations.

Stay tuned for more!

May luck be on your side as you deliver awe-inspiring presentations!


Source ROI4Presenter Team 

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