Presentations as a showcase of an online store: a solution for those who are tired of losing customers


Paper Shop by Leonard Peter Escott, Aberystwyth University School of Art Museum and Galleries

- Hello, hello. Do you have a question about…? Have you booked with us...?
- Sorry, but I canceled my order. Thank you for calling. All the best.
- And all the best to you. Have a lovely day.

We are confident that if you trade online, this kind of dialogue is familiar to you. What do these dialogues mean? Most likely they reflect the fact that you are late to the party. Your potential customer either changed their mind or, more likely, bought the product from another seller. Why? Because you contacted them too late. They either changed their mind, or one of your competitors beat you to the punch.

In recent years, losing the race for a customer has become a real scourge for online sellers. Compared to the days when there were relatively few commercial internet sites, the level of competition has skyrocketed. Anybody who sells anything on any scale, or whatever service they offer, they have an internet presence. At the very least they have an account on a bulletin board.

If ten years ago, having placed an order on the internet, a buyer patiently waited for the seller to contact them to answer their questions and clarify the payment / delivery details, today buyers use a different tactic.

Having made an order from one seller, they continue their journey on the internet, making other preliminary purchases of the same or a similar product in terms of characteristics from other sites. In our dynamic time, the buyer really dislikes to wait, and their money will almost certainly go to the one who first contacts them.

Let’s not beat around the bush and say right away that this problem can be easily solved with the help of the ROI4Presenter presentation service and application. Its feedback system sends a message to the presenter on their smartphone the moment someone starts viewing their presentation. Thanks to this, the seller can immediately start communicating with a potential buyer – even while the buyer is in the process of viewing the offer. You must agree – there is nothing more efficient. You get an already warm lead, and warming them up until they are hot is simply a matter of technique.

True, there is one problem. Many salespeople imagine the process of preparing a presentation as a necessarily long and laborious process. Especially those who offer dozens or even hundreds of products. It’s one thing to place a couple of pictures with a description on a page, and it’s quite another to work on a 10-20 minute presentation.

In fact, modest videos and / or slideshows lasting from 20 seconds to 1 minute are enough to place a product on an online store’s showcase. Making them is not much more difficult and does not take any longer than issuing a standard, high-quality product card. As well, a small additional time investment will be more than pay off by providing an opportunity to get ahead of your competitors in the race for a buyer.

Good luck to everyone, successful presentations and high income!


Source ROI4Presenter Blog

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