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In 2022, our ROI4Presenter appeared in HubSpot’s Best Sales Enablement Apps collection. So, this seems like a good opportunity for a short review of several new products that have interested us in this category.

Online presentations, product demo and lead generation

Let’s start, of course, with ourselves. For those who don’t yet know: ROI4Presenter is an online presentation service focused on lead generation. We have many unique features, but the primary one is an advanced feedback system that simplifies the process of catching and warming up leads. Thanks to this, you can quickly start direct communication with any viewer who has opened a presentation, webinar or commercial, as they are in the process of viewing.


Sales proposals and quotes for e-signature

An interactive web document service with which you can create and send illustrated commercial offers, price lists and contracts with the option of an electronic signature. This is a good replacement for both traditional paper business correspondence and regular PDF files. 

We paid attention to Docspo eSign primarily because the ideas embodied in this project can be used with our team’s tool. Suppose you hook a lead with the help of ROI4Presenter and warm them up to a hot lead. You must agree, the available commercial offer and contract templates, which can be finalized for a specific client in minutes, signed by the client and is sent through email are very convenient and innovative. Every salesperson’s dream is to get to know a client in the morning and close the deal before lunch.


Enterprise contract management

Another interesting service for web document management. Unlike the previous one, it is completely focused on the creation, editing and signing of digital contracts, sales agreements and the like, with control over all stages of the process including the possibility to review and obtain signatures. Users can create and email PDF copies of the final document to all participants in the process. This tool will be appreciated both by those who do not like to waste time fussing with documents and those who have lost clients who had time to change their minds while the contract was being prepared and verified.


Sales intelligence tool

A tool that saves time spent searching for companies that may be interested in your project, service or, product as well as other forms of cooperation. It offers a constantly updated database containing profiles of private companies, for which information is constantly collected in real time from the network. Using a different combination of filters, you can conduct an advanced search for each specific company, specifying information about its income, funding history, location and much more.

Owler Max also offers a similar search function for information on your competitors. In short, this is a scout service (not to be confused with corporate espionage!), filtering and analyzing information from open sources.

Again, it can perfectly complement ROI4Presenter’s function. For example, you are warming up a lead with some kind of personal communication, and during this time your colleague, using Owler Max, checks the relevant data on the company and competitors. Hurry  and use this before some intelligence agency  classifies it.


Performance Management

An interesting solution for organizing both the work of teams and individual employees that uses elements of a gaming format. This service has many uses, not just for managers to set goals and track implementation progress. In fact, it is possible to organize a competition between teams and / or employees, with them accruing points for successful task completion.

Of course, every employee can follow the contest’s progress. Public recognition and rewards are known to be excellent performance incentives, they increase employee engagement, increase productivity, and profits along with them. Competitiveness is a great way to increase your lead-hunting efficiency using a tool like ROI4Presenter.

Routing and Mapping

We conclude our review with this handy map application for quick route planning and optimization, well suited for organizing business meetings. It allows you to visualize client or partner data on a map, sort them by interest and priority, and transfer information to your CRM directly from Badger Maps.

It also helps to alter routes and plans quickly in case one or more meetings are canceled, even filling in the schedule gaps with new leads. This is a good tool for those who are used to doing their business on the go. And, of course, it is also useful for those who use their smartphone to catch and warm up leads using ROI4Presenter.

In conclusion, we will voice a simple thought that we want to convey with this article. Try new instruments, introduce new instruments, stimulate the search for new instruments, and as you do this, immediately think about how to use them with other instruments, assembling your own masterful orchestra.


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