Perpetual Presentation, or how endless live broadcast works


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When we introduce ROI4Presenter to potential clients, we are often asked what we mean by the possibility of using it to organize round-the-clock presentations. Over and over again I have to explain that this is not a beautiful figure of speech and not an advertising exaggeration. One of the goals that we set for ourselves is to make sure that any online presentation’s recording can have as long a work life as possible.

We came to the idea of ​​an perpetual presentation by paying attention to a curious fact. Preparing an online event takes hours. Specifically, about half of all presenters spend 8 or more hours preparing for their event. Some even use the formula that 1 minute of presentation = 1 hour of preparation. And if a live broadcast lasts 10-20 minutes, often only bringing a few leads during this time. Isn’t that efficiency too low?

Of course, once a presentation has been made it remains to be played as a recording. But it is deprived of one of the main advantages of live broadcasting – direct communication between the presenter and the audience. And without this, it is difficult to count on effective lead catching and to have the opportunity to warm those leads up.

We at ROI4Presenter believe we have managed to solve this problem by creating a feedback system that provides the most efficient communication between presenters and viewers – during the process of viewing the recording.

In general terms, it works like this: When someone starts watching a presentation’s recording, a message about this is delivered to the presenter’s smartphone and they can immediately connect and start communicating with the viewer. Note that the ROI4Presenter application is focused on using a smartphone as a remote control for online events. In addition, the viewer has the opportunity to call the presenter themself using a dedicated button.

For greater efficiency, the viewer should be informed in the presentation’s description that while viewing the recording they will have the opportunity to immediately communicate with the presenter. Thus, being constantly available and reacting to views, the presenter really turns their material into a round-the-clock live broadcast.

Round the clock? But how can someone be in touch around the clock? Some of those reading this will certainly ask this question incredulously. All right. Everyone needs to rest and sleep. But this problem is easily solved. It is possible to enable presentation access to several competent employees, dividing the duty time between them. If this is not possible… Then the description should indicate the hours during which the presenter is available. Of course, in this case, your presentation cannot be called perpetual , but it will work in live mode for much longer than the classic 10-20 minutes.

Good luck to everyone, successful presentations and high income!


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