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The Coffee House Orator, Edgar Bundy

The dynamics of modern life are such that literally, everything has to save working time. There are so many daily tasks that sometimes it’s scary to look at the clock. In light of this, how do you find time to calmly and thoughtfully work on a presentation for 6-8 hours?

This, of course, is not about professional presenters, for whom this is the main occupation, or students/teachers who have replaced many classical educational materials with presentations. In this case, we are talking about the majority of people for whom an online presentation is a convenient tool that helps them in their primary task.

This desire to buy time leads to the massive use of standard solutions that deprive online presentations of originality. But if most presentations, as they say, are for one person, why do they do it at all? An online presentation should attract attention and present material in the most accessible and exciting way. Template materials are very similar, as conveyor products do not perform this function. Not surprisingly, about 80% of viewers think that most presentations are boring.

In light of this, the question arises: “Is it vital to mount an online presentation if there is no time to think through the original concept?” Let’s imagine, as they say, a person in the subject. Agree – in most cases, presenters are well-versed in what they are talking about. So – as a rule, such a person is quite capable of telling any interlocutor in an interesting and accessible way about what the presentation is about. For example, during a coffee break. So why shouldn’t he do the same instead of reading a set of pre-written and memorized texts? What’s stopping you?

First, fear. According to various studies, about three-quarters of all people admit to being afraid of public speaking. Foremost, forget something important, make a mistake, or the fact that their speech will not look competent and “smart” enough.

Therefore, let’s reveal a ‘terrible secret,’ which, of course, is no secret at all. The vast majority of listeners do not care about the literacy and consistency of the text. It has long been known that the actual content of speech conveys no more than 10% of the information. For the audience, intonation, gesture, and posture are much more important. Moreover, an interesting and captivating story is remembered much better than statistics on a slide. In any case, a coherent story after the presentation is remembered by about 60% of visitors while statistical data and other indicators expressed as numbers – about 5%.

There is no need to be afraid that a live speech will not sound “not according to the written”. Repetition, inconsistencies, hesitation – all this, while communicating with the audience on the air, can and should be ignored. This is one of the main things taught by TV and radio hosts.

In summary, if you do not have time to prepare a really interesting presentation with an original presentation, all is not lost. Do not torture yourself and your audience with tiresome platitudes. Sit in front of the camera, calm your breathing, assume a comfortable and confident posture, and allow yourself to talk about what you know in the best way you can.

Forget about timing, standards, and scientific and pseudoscientific terms that seem to give weight to one’s speech. It is much more important to enjoy the fact that you are talking about your favorite business, which you are sincerely passionate about. Believe me, the audience will appreciate it.

Good luck to everyone, successful presentations, and high income!


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