January updates, digest

Despite January holidays (or thanks to them?) this month, our team has released a significant update — ROI4Presenter Web App.

The functionality of the web application is similar to ROI4Presenter mobile app. Splitting the service into a web CMS and a mobile application was how we saw the development of the project from the beginning. We envisioned such a process of using the service: in the desktop version, presentations are created, but all the management and communication with clients is carried on the phone, which serves as a remote control.

However, the reality of use turned out to be more multidimensional, and after numerous requests, a web version was created and released. Now, when a listener clicks on the link you’ve sent, a notification about their activity there is a notification both on a phone and in a browser window. By clicking on the pop-up notification or on the listener’s icon in the upper-right corner, you are redirected to a presentation that the client is watching.

There, at your service, are online chat and audio or video conferencing with a listener. Since the release has happened not so long ago, we are still in the process of catching a few nasty bugs. So if you’ll fall a victim of a strange service’s behavior, please let us know: we will hunt down the offender and make the app friendlier.

Less massive, but not less functionally important updates include:


  • Generated links are now short (instead of suspiciously long ones before);


  • You can change your status as a presenter (available or unavailable);

  • There is a comment field at the link generation stage: suitable for teamwork to clarify how the link is used — sending or embedding on a website page;


  • General improvement of presentation’s search filters;


  • A block with basic information about the presenter was added.

Stay tuned: we continue to improve the service to make your experience with ROI4Presenter pleasant and productive!


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