Without Engagement, Online Presentation Does Not Work


The audience should participate actively in the presentation (C) Fedor Bronnikov - Carnival in Rome.

One of the reasons why the Roi4Presenter team puts so much emphasis on feedback and interaction is the considerable role played by viewer engagement in online events. According to statistics, more than 90% of presentation visitors tend to be not just spectators but take a more active part in them.

This means two things at once:

  • If the audience is not opened the door of engagement, they will likely leave the presentation disappointed.

  • Engagement provides additional opportunities to convey the main ideas, hook a potential client, and catch and warm up leads.

Engagement is a great tool to keep your attention, especially during long online events. According to statistics, most viewers get distracted as early as the tenth minute of a presentation.

What are the ways to get involved? The first thing that comes to mind is a block of questions/answers. Its main drawback is that the presenter, as a rule, cannot answer all the questions of all the viewers. The feedback system Roi4Presenter removes this problem. It is organized in such a way that the recording of the presentation works around the clock in the same way as a live broadcast, allowing speakers to quickly answer any questions, giving each viewer as much time as needed.

Another popular way is a variety of blitz polls and tasks that require quick responses from the audience in a text chat. Unfortunately, they often become a real headache for the presenter, who has to spend a lot of time and effort sorting out the hodgepodge of answers in the comments. Roi4Presenter greatly simplifies this task as well. Thanks to the built-in analytical functionality, the presenter can easily see the reactions of each visitor separately.

Continuing the topic, one must mention tests and contests. This is the most time-consuming method of engaging online presentation viewers. Therefore, it should be treated with caution - the game should be directly related to the topic of the presentation, and it is essential to make it manageable and simple.

Finally, we mention the way of involvement, which is not the same at first glance. Namely, the lead form. Everyone knows that the audience loves to fill it out with the enthusiasm of schoolchildren doing their homework. But it all depends on how you present it. For example, you can ask to fill it out during the presentation while embedding a test question directly into it, allowing you to win, for example, a discount. Or not a question but a field to ask to share your thoughts on improving the presented product, service or product. It is this lead form that Roi4Presenter has in its arsenal.

Ideally, the audience's involvement in the presentation should be such that the audience feels like its co-authors, convincing themselves of the need to purchase the presented goods, services, products or solutions.

Successful presentations and high incomes to all!


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