Top 8 SaaS Brands to Watch Out For In 2023

Making business life easier is something all employees want when it comes to their day-to-day workload. SaaS products have become widely popular due to their many benefits, be it for their affordability or flexibility that it offers.

The SaaS market is growing and with approximately 30,000 SaaS companies in existence, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to choose from. For many businesses operating in a digital era, having a toolkit of SaaS products can be handy. The right tools can boost a company’s productivity and efficiency across the whole workforce.

With a new year just started, what SaaS brands are currently outshining their competition on the market? As a business, spending money on SaaS tools needs to be a viable investment.

In this guide, you’ll understand the rise of SaaS products and their importance for businesses across the globe. You’ll also get insight into some of the top SaaS brands to watch out for in 2023 and beyond.

The rise of the SaaS market

SaaS products have revolutionized the market and become an integral part of business operations for many both big and small.

A larger shift in SaaS usage occurred during the pandemic with platforms like Zoom saving many businesses from falling apart.

As for current figures, the estimated global market size for the SaaS industry is 165.9 billion USD. A growing figure that continues to showcase just how valuable this market is.

How SaaS products benefit your business

What are the benefits of using SaaS products for your business? The answer is - a lot. Utilizing SaaS software is first and foremost accessible. It means any business, regardless of its size or where they’re located, can make use of these tools. Many are adaptable to mobile and other tablet devices, rather than just being made for desktops. While some can be downloaded, many can be accessed remotely online. 

Here are just a few benefits of SaaS products:

  • Reduced upfront costs
  • No downtime due to software bugs or fixes
  • Scalability for the business’ growth
  • Integrations with other software and tools

With SaaS tools being highly efficient for many parts of the business, it pays to invest in a number of SaaS products where desired.

Top 8 SaaS brands to use in 2023

There are many facets of business that could do with additional support. From content scheduling, project management, and shift scheduling, the average business has a lot to juggle. Not all businesses may need help in some departments but the use of SaaS tools could be the solution for those who are desperate for it.

Here are eight of the top SaaS brands worth using and looking out for in 2023.

  1. Flodesk - MailChimp alternative for small businesses

Email design and landing page creation are integral parts of a company’s marketing strategy. They help with customer acquisitions and encourage customer retention. When it comes to MailChimp alternatives for small businesses, Flodesk is a suitable pick.

Flodesk helps beginners, experts, and everyone else in between to create high-performing email newsletters and landing pages to help grow their businesses. The flexibility of Flodesk helps anyone with any level of skill set in design, to create professional-style marketing materials. 

These marketing materials can be leveraged to improve the way businesses interact with their customers and any potential leads interested.

The best advantage Flodesk has is its free 30-day trial. Any business would want to try before they buy and Flodesk allows you to do just that. No need to commit unless you’re happy with the results it generates.

2. Wayleadr - Management system for parking solutions

SaaS products provide digital solutions for everything and anything within a business - including parking solutions. Yes, for those businesses who are struggling to manage parking allocations, there’s a SaaS product available to assist. 

With a parking management system, the software is in place to help people, companies, and organizations alike to manage their parking spaces. In the case of Wayleadr’s parking solutions, the company has proven through its many case studies, how optimizing car park occupancy can be great for businesses.

Wayleadr has already helped many big companies around the world to manage parking availability and generate revenue for the business. Not only that but there’s an environmental benefit too, whereby it can help reduce the company’s carbon footprint. In this day and age, being seen to be sustainable and eco-efficient is necessary for businesses to adapt to.

3. Agendrix - Retail employee scheduling app

Organizing employee scheduling can be an ongoing nightmare for many managers or supervisors responsible for overseeing this part of a business. For many retail businesses in the US, they’re still using manual systems. In fact, 38% of businesses, according to a study by Quickbooks, were still using punch cards, time cards, and paper timesheets.

Digitizing this process can make it a lot easier to manage and can be done so with a retail employee scheduling app in place. Agendrix allows its users to manage employee scheduling while taking into account all the variables and parameters that the business has.

By optimizing labor costs, tracking employee working hours, and managing work schedules for multiple locations, the software is useful for many retail businesses.

4. Slack - Collaborative hub for teams

Employee communication can often be a pinch point for some businesses. With a lack of communication, employees are likely to be singing from the wrong hymn sheet when it comes to collaborations with other team members. That can cause friction not just between staff members but for the project being worked on.

That miscommunication can have a wider impact on the business in general, especially when it comes to providing client satisfaction.

A platform like Slack can be useful in bringing together team members to one place where they can communicate with one another. Regardless of where they are located, Slack can be used remotely to keep everyone in sync with what’s going on in the workplace.

The additional features of integration, file sharing, and automation make this a superb SaaS tool for companies to use in 2023.

5. Retable - Project management

The efficiency and success of a project rely heavily on how well it’s organized by the project manager. 

For those project managers who are navigating this field of management for the first time, it can be helpful to have something like Retable to learn from.

Retable provides ready-to-use project management templates that can be customized and tailored to the project in question. Retable’s advantage as a SaaS tool comes with its plethora of features. These include:

  • Project & task planning
  • Software bug tracking
  • Team responsibilities planning
  • Project sprint planning

Much like many of the SaaS software out there, it’s subscription-based and cost-effective. There’s a free trial available but for paid membership, it’s as little as $5 a month. That’s the cost of a coffee from Starbucks. 

6. Hubspot - CRM software for customer relationships

Hubspot is a large platform that offers a number of SaaS tools, including CRM software. With customer relationships being at the heart of many businesses, the way it’s managed is critical.

Being able to improve sales growth and revenue is something that any business would want from a SaaS tool. Hubspot helps eliminate the friction of your company’s sales process, bringing it all together in one easy-to-use place.

The platform helps employees manage sales across all stages of the buyer’s funnel. From starting off a conversation to managing business pipelines. 

Boasting 24/7 customer support services and educational materials to help its own clients, Hubspot is a rich SaaS tool that has captured the attention of big businesses. From Flight Centre Travel Academy, GoFundMe, and Quickbooks to name but a few.

7. Ramp - Credit card management for healthier finances

Cash flow and money management are two major financial influences that could help a business succeed or spiral. 

Some companies have trouble with cash flow management, an observation recognized by U.S Bank. The study found that 82% of businesses failed due to poor cash flow management skills or a poor understanding of cash flow.

Having good money management as a business can ensure its stability in the market. Therefore, a business like Ramp has helped many businesses control spending, as well as automate administrative tasks within the financial department.

Ramp stands out for its global connection for spend and being able to manage this spending all in one place. Being trusted by over 10,000 businesses to date also helps prove its value.

8. Hootsuite - Social media management for brand exposure

Finally, but certainly not least is Hootsuite. A social media management software that is one of many for scheduling social media content.

In a digital age where content continues to reign as king, churning out content is a must. However, creating, editing, and publishing that content is a big task in itself and as a result, can take up a lot of time.

Streamlining these tasks can be done with a platform like Hootsuite. It’s popular for many businesses who want to schedule social media content across all their channels at once. 

Giving themselves the title of the industry leader, their suite of marketing tools helps users simplify their marketing efforts, and streamline and accelerate sales. Sounds like a no-brainer.

Invest in SaaS brands for 2023

Picking a SaaS brand for their products can be tricky seeing as every business is different. Consider your needs as a business and what needs improving

Take advantage of SaaS companies that offer free trials to get a feel for as many of these tools as possible. As SaaS tools become more common in businesses, it’s a good time to jump on board the bandwagon.

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