ROI4Presenter: We Catch Clients, Save Time and Rescue Presenters from Boring Routines

We speak about the key advantages of the service and the application, which allow you to minimize your efforts given to obtain and warm up leads using online events.

Online presentations, designed to facilitate the process of finding clients, can easily turn into a real headache in practice. Let’s remember the main problems that we face when preparing online events:

  • It is difficult to coordinate the presentation’s schedule with potential clients;


  • Potential visitors are too lazy to fill out the lead form in the invitation;


  • Not all registered viewers attend the presentation, as their plans have time to change between registration and the event;


  • Decision makers rarely take the time to attend a presentation;


  • Speakers get tired of repeating the same presentation over and over;


  • There is not enough time to prepare high-quality slides and properly rehearse for the event;


  • It may happen that the invited speakers do not find time to speak at the presentation;


  • Often there is not enough time to answer all the audience’s questions, which results in some potential leads being lost.

To save presenters from these and similar problems was one of the main tasks of the Roi4Presenter team. Let’s take another look at the list. Notice how many times the word “time” is mentioned? Time pressure is a common situation for those who are actively involved in presentations, and in all stages of work.

Those who have had occasion to engage in “ping-pong correspondence”, coordinating the time of the event with all interested parties, and then, armed with a large coffee pot, working all night on the slides, understand well what is at stake. 

They are well aware of the feeling of disappointment when some of the invited spectators and / or speakers are no-shows for the presentation, despite all their effort. What’s more, due to the last minute preparation, inconsistencies, omissions and errors are often noticed during the presentation.

A careful study of the topic showed that improving and optimizing the existing formulas for holding online events does not result in much saved time.

No matter how you automate the process, the main stumbling blocks remain in place. The challenge is still getting all the right people together at the same time, giving each one enough attention, answering all their questions, and still finding a large enough window in your work schedule for calm and thoughtful work on the presentation… Let’s face it – with the traditional approach, this is almost an impossible task.

So, if it is impossible to ensure that all potential clients come to your presentation, why not change the approach and ensure that the presentation goes to each of them at a convenient time? And not as a standard recording, but along with a presenter who is ready to answer questions, comment, advise and generally to communicate as much as the client needs.

At its core, Roi4Presenter is a web-based service and application that combines the best features of live and recorded presentations without their drawbacks. Primarily, this has been achieved thanks to a revolutionary feedback system. In general terms, it works like this:

  • To get started, calmly collect and mount materials for your presentation. Spend as much time as you need on the script, slides, rehearsals, recording yourself and any other speakers, checking and rechecking your results.


  • Upload the resulting presentation to the Roi4Presenter website. The service works seamlessly with both YouTube videos and presentations created using most popular designers (Powerpoint, Canva, Keynote and others). In addition to the main presentation, you can create a pitch – a short version that introduces the viewer to the main information, ideas, theses and conclusions. The service allows you to supplement the presentation with a lead form for collecting contact information.


  • Create a link to the presentation and place it on your and / or your partner sites as a media player. Send links to potential clients with an offer to watch the entire presentation or pitch at their convenience.


  • At the moment when someone starts watching the presentation, you receive a notification and you can then choose from two options. One – wait for the potential client to express a desire to communicate with you by using the ‘Call presenter’ button. Two – using a special button, inform the client that you are online and ready to start communication at that moment. Of course, you can delegate the ability to communicate with the client to colleagues.

It is important to note that the presenter is not tied to a desktop. The Roi4Presenter team invested in a mobile application that turns a smartphone into a remote control for presentations. This sets us apart from most competitors who do not simultaneously support offline-online hybrid presentation modes.

Thus, you get a round-the-clock “lead catcher”. Your presentation, like a recording, does its work whenever it is convenient for each member of the audience. At the same time, you have many more opportunities for live communication with each individual client than you would during a typical presentation. You catch and warm up already warm leads – at the moment when the viewer’s impressions from the presentation are fresh. This gives you a real possibility of not missing a single potential client.

From the above, it is easy to understand that Roi4Presenter is primarily aimed at sales and marketing managers. However, it is also clear that the scope of its application is much wider. For example, it can be used to prepare educational presentations. In this capacity, it can be useful both for educators and coaches, and for managers responsible for training employees, partners and clients.

Roi4Presenter offers several different pricing plans. If you are still hesitant, you can try the free version of the app.

Successful presentations, hot leads and high income for all!


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