Online Presentation: Recorded Vs Live


Do you need to create a special version of an online event to post and send as a recording? Yes, yes, and yes again. We will tell you why.

Until now, many presenters believed that a presentation must take place live. Recording online events has been treated by many as of secondary importance, and they make a mistake.

Recent statistical studies indicate that 25% of regular viewers of presentations and webinars prefer to watch them as recordings, and another 50-55% do this occasionally. Therefore, a recorded presentation is the version of a presentation that most effectively introduces potential customers to products, goods and services most often.

From the above, it becomes clear why the effect of many presentations is lower than expected. It's just that their creators are focused on working with the audience live, and as a result are losing most of their leads. Time after time, they are faced with the fact that the audience who registered for the presentation does not attend, and those who did are not the people responsible for making decisions.

There is nothing surprising in this. The pace of life and the amount of information that needs to be processed has increased so much that literally every minute of the working day is scheduled .

This holds true if we are talking about a potential small home appliance buyer or a director responsible for acquiring a company’s software. It is much easier for both of them to find time to acquaint themselves with the product using a recorded presentation - for example, during lunch, their commute, or in any other odd free moment.

You might argue that a recording lacks the main advantage of a live broadcast - the ability to communicate with the viewer live. But, you would be wrong. Thanks to the ROI4Presenter service and application’s unique feedback system, you can communicate with each viewer and even record your presentation during the viewing process, paying even more attention to individual communication than is possible during a live broadcast. Here's how it works:

  • Upload your presentation to the ROI4Presenter website. The service works with both YouTube videos and presentations created using most popular constructors (Power Point, Canva, Keynote and others). In addition to the main presentation, with ROI4Presenter you can create a 'pitch' - a short version that introduces the viewer to the most important information. The service allows you to supplement your presentation with a lead form for collecting contact information.

  • Create a link to your presentation and place it on your and/or your partner’s sites. The presentation can also be posted directly as a media player. You can send links to potential clients with an offer to watch the entire presentation or just the pitch at their convenience.


  • At the moment when someone starts watching the presentation, you receive a notification on your smartphone and you can choose from two options: The first - wait for the potential client to express a desire to chat with you using the 'Call presenter' button. The second - using the special button, inform the client that you are online and ready to begin communication right away.

The Roi4Presenter team did not choose to invest in a mobile application by chance. The app turns your smartphone into a presentation control panel. This allows the presenter to quickly respond to a potential client’s questions and comments in real time, allowing you to catch the lead when they are already warm and close the deal.

It is clear that Roi4Presenter opens up completely new possibilities for presenters. You can create a master recording of your presentation – verified, and taking into account the experience of live broadcasts, free from errors, with the ideal speeches from the main and guest speakers. You can use this polished version as one of your main tools for promoting your offerings to potential clients.

No matter how much time and effort you spend on creating your master recording, it is more economical than doing the same presentation live dozens of times. We think that this idea will especially appeal to startups that must hunt for each potential investor separately, as well as coaches, HR staff and, of course, sellers.

So, can you completely abandon live presentations? This is a completely logical question, which probably came to the minds of those who have read the article up to this point. In some cases, perhaps yes – we will cautiously extend this answer to your question. And we advise you to do without youthful maximalism.

Online presentations are not a situation where you can give recipes for all occasions. It would be more correct to say that the reference recording and live broadcasts should complement each other, like a studio album and concert tours in support of the album. Moreover, the feedback system and Roi4Presenter’s other features  seriously expand the possibilities of conducting live broadcasts.

Good luck to everyone, successful presentations and high income!


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