What is an online presentation?

The fight for the attention of an audience is an art, not a craft (С) Fritz Beinke «The juggler- a village fair»

Do not rush to dismiss this question as banal. It is better that you try to formulate an answer to it. After digging on the Internet and talking with colleagues, you will probably get the same result we did - speaking with many people, giving  a lot of information. And for the most part, these will not be short, clear and precise definitions, but attempts to describe “something” with texts and slides collected using PowerPoint, Keynote and the like.

Having absolutely nothing against the mentioned tools, however, for clarity, we still must note that their use is absolutely not a prerequisite for the final result to be considered an online presentation.

Strictly speaking, the wording that at first glance seems like a ridiculous banality is closest to reality: “An online presentation is a presentation conducted online.” But this is exactly the case when unnecessary clarifications set a framework that limits the possibilities of the presentation’s author.

Let's consider - what is a presentation in general? This is a document, speech, event or visualization (as well as their various combinations) designed to convey to the audience information about something or someone. You need to grab people's attention and not alienate them. This, transferred to the Internet, is an online presentation.

A movie trailer, a recording of the first lecture from a paid course, an introductory fragment of a book, a promotional video, an unboxing video, a talking head talking about an event - all this, when posted on the Internet, becomes an online presentation.

Simply put: An online presentation is how you, yourself, decide to present a product, service, event, organization, action, association or individual on the Internet. The main thing to realize and bear in mind: An online presentation does not have a set format that limits your creativity.

A monologue filmed on a smartphone while on the go, a video clip of an event, a video with special effects in the style of The Matrix or Avatar, an excerpt from an audiobook with amateur illustrations, a notorious photo with brief product characteristics, or just black text on a white background - you choose whichever presentation option is appropriate for you.

Of course, there are some general ideas about which solutions work to attract an audience when creating online presentations and which repel them, and these have been formed over more than a quarter of a century of Internet marketing. But we will devote a separate article to this topic. Or perhaps even a series of articles. I would like to end the  text with this thought: No rules or patterns should hinder the freedom of creative expression for the creators of an online presentation. There is no guaranteed formula for success - everyone is looking for it themselves.

Good luck and hot leads!


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