Roi4Presenter: New Pricing Packs


We have created several options for Roi4Presenter tariff plan, so that you can choose the amount of functionality that suits exactly your business needs.
Our team have been preparing for this for several months and are very happy that we will be able to become even more useful for you.
Meanwhile, we would like to emphasize that the free version of Roi4Presenter remains active. The free version is enough to fully try all the possible functions of Roi4Presenter and use it unlimitedly if you have a business at the startup stage. You can start your free trial right now here
But if you decide to give your business a real boost, you can unlock one of our premium toolsHere’s how Roi4Presenter premium packages compare to your free account:

                                                            Roi4Presenter pricing packs

Good luck to everyone and fast profit growth!


Source Roi4Presenter Blog

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