Slides Without A Speaker Are An Exception To Keep In Mind


Sometimes it's better for a presenter to become 'invisible' (C) Victor Gabriel Gilbert - Marionettes (Les Marionettes).

Is the presence of the presenter “in the frame” mandatory? Most experts in the theory and practice of online presentations think so. The feeling of eye contact, the impact on the audience with the help of gestures, facial expressions and the image of the speaker himself - all these are strong arguments. We ourselves are ready to subscribe to the statement that all kinds of illustrations are nothing more than an auxiliary tool for the presenter.

But the above does not mean that a presentation without a speaker should be excluded from your arsenal. In some cases, it is quite possible to present the main information on slides, turning the narrator into a voice-over or completely excluding him from the presentation.

The main advantage of this solution is that it is convenient to work with such a presentation in a record, calmly studying the information from slide to slide and returning to the right points for repetition. Finding the right fragment by sound is one of the main inconveniences of classic presentations.

In addition, the viewer can view such a presentation in a situation where it is not possible to turn on the sound or use headphones.

In what cases, based on the foregoing, is it most convenient to use the 'slides without a speaker' technique? First of all, of course, small business cards of companies, individual goods, services and products come to mind. Here, by the way, is the place to remind you that by creating them using Roi4Presenter, you turn a presentation into a tool for catching and warming up leads using a unique system of operational feedback.

It is also a good way to create lesson presentations, game presentations, and quiz presentations. Accordingly, this is a great opportunity to expand your toolbox for educators, HR-s, trainers, coaches, sociologists and, of course, marketers. In short, for everyone.

But in what specific situations it is appropriate to replace the classics with this technique, of course, you decide. The main thing to remember is that playing by someone else's rules and within the boundaries set by someone is not the best way to succeed.

Good luck to all presentations and high income!


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