Roi4Presenter Is The Best Outreach Solution


Attracting the attention of the target audience has always been one of the most important secrets to success (С) ​​Anton Pieck “Showcase of candy”

We want to tell you how to increase the efficiency of working with your target audience using our tool.

To begin with, let's specify what the outreach method is and how it came to the world of link building.

Outreach is the delivery of information to the target audience. This method appeared long before the Internet, computers, television or even radio, proving itself effective not only in commerce, but also in social, political and environmental projects.

As applied to link building, outreach is lead generation among a target audience by posting content and links on third-party resources that its members visit. A feature of outreach work is a direct cooperation agreement with the owners and / or administrators of the site of interest. This avoids the annoying link chaos that was the hallmark of sites in the 90s.

How does online outreach work? Here is a simple example: Let's say your online store sells postage stamps. You negotiate with the owner of a site popular with philatelists to place your content on it with a link to your store. For example, these can be thematic videos, including stories about stamps that you offer for sale. At the same time, you place a link to the partner site on your online store’s site. Everyone wins.

Of course, in order for outreach to work, you need to spend a lot of time compiling a list of sites that your target audience visits and analyze each of them. No less effort will have to be made to ensure that the content you offer is truly interesting to their visitors.

And this brings us back to the statement made in the title of the text. What is one of the main disadvantages of outreach? In the vast majority of cases, this is work with cold leads. No matter how great your content is, you cannot influence the client who studies it in any way... unless, of course, it is designed as a Roi4Presenter presentation. You can learn more about how to do this and about our service’s possibilities here.

The main thing we want to draw outreacher’s attention to is our feedback system. As soon as someone starts watching a Roi4Presenter presentation, the presenter receives a notification and can inform the viewer that they are online and ready to start communication at that moment, answering all their questions.

Thus, thanks to the content hosted on a third-party resource, you can start warming up a lead without waiting for them to go to your site or having to take the initiative in any way.

Good luck to everyone, hot leads and high sales!



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