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Successful presentation = Increased sales (С) Andres Garcia Benitez/Carteles

In terms of effectively warming up a lead, the ideal webinar is a personal one. It is in this format that you can pay maximum attention to the representative (or representatives) of each client.

A personal webinar allows you to answer all questions and clarify the nuances of using your product or service in specific conditions. For clients, this is very important - according to current statistics from WebinarCare, 82% of webinar attendees want to ask questions and get answers to them.

In addition, a personal webinar is a great way to demonstrate an individualized  approach toward a potential buyer. And this, in turn, will surely tip the  scales in your favor when the client makes their final decision. You should not think of this attention as a burden, because lead generation resulting from regular webinars, depending on the study, ranges from 50-70% for B2B and 20-40% for B2C.

One problem - until recently, the organization of personal webinars was an extremely resource-intensive and troublesome business. In essence, it boiled down to the fact that a special webinar was being prepared for each individual client. An alternative is to record a webinar that has already taken place, essentially turning it into an extended presentation. However, a recording immediately loses the benefits of direct dialogue. You must agree, it is one thing to invite viewers to complete a questionnaire or fill out a form for collecting contact information, and quite another to expect this to be done with a recording.

And the viewers themselves, as we noted above, want to communicate in the 'question-answer' format. But here's the paradox - many webinar visitors like to watch them recorded - according to various sources, up to 90%. All because it allows them to choose exactly when to “attend” the webinar. And for speakers, recording saves a lot of time and effort.

Is it possible to combine all the positive qualities of recorded and live webinars, squeezing the maximum out of them both for sellers of a product or service, and for potential customers? Our team found the answer to this question when we created Roi4Presenter.

Personal presentation of the product is the best way to warm up the lead (С) Hulton-Deutsch Collection

For more information on how to upload and set up your webinar in Roi4Presenter, please follow this link.

Here we would like to draw your attention to our feedback system.

As soon as someone clicks on the link to your recorded webinar in Roi4Presenter, you immediately receive a message notifying you and can signal to the visitor that you are ready to chat and answer their questions during the viewing process. In addition, there is a special button in the Roi4Presenter functionality, with which the viewer can call the presenter themself. Roi4Presenter also has a regular contact data collection form.

Of course, if you embed a recorded webinar uploaded to Roi4Presenter on your page, you should mention these features in the description. Thus, you, de facto, get a round-the-clock personal webinar, in which both the seller and the client have equal initiative to start communication.

Use it, increase the base of warm leads, and with it your profit.



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