5 Clever Solutions To Improve Your Company's Parking Experience

Did you know that the global parking management market size is estimated at $3.34 billion in 2022? This shows that parking is a big issue, whether it is for the public or an organization. Therefore, ensuring that the parking arrangement in your company gives both staff and customers a good experience should be on the front burner. 

Many workers worldwide find it convenient to take their private cars to work. This preference has made the issue of parking a serious one for companies. Likewise, providing a great parking experience encourages customers to do business with you, which in turn leads to the company’s growth. Read on to discover clever ways to boost your company’s parking experience and how to enjoy the benefits that come with it.

Problems of poor parking experience

To seek solutions to improve your company’s parking experience, you must be aware of the problems that occur when staff and customers have a bad parking experience. Below are a few problems that arise as a result of a defective parking arrangement.

It reduces staff motivation

When your employees worry about where to park each time they come to work, they become demotivated. Workers should be happy to go to work every morning. A poor parking experience kills this possibility and makes coming to work a dreadful exercise.

It discourages customers

The ultimate goal of any business is to make profits. To make profits, you need to attract customers first. A good way of attracting customers is by making their general experience of your business pleasurable. This experience includes their parking experience. Imagine investing in tools that help salesmen get customers only to turn the customers off with poor parking management. That would be really bad, wouldn't it?

It affects the company’s reputation

Over time, with poor parking management, your brand starts having a negative reputation. Words get around from staff and customers alike about their awful experience with your company’s parking system. With all your business challenges, you shouldn't have to deal with a reputation for giving your staff and customers a horrible parking experience.

The  problems mentioned above can have adverse effects on the company. Not to worry, they're avoidable through implementing effective solutions that improve the parking experience in a company. The solutions are listed below. 

5 clever solutions to improve your company’s parking experience

You won't have to demotivate your staff, send away your customers or grow a lousy reputation for horrible parking if you implement the following solutions.

Invest in software designed for parking management

Technology has made businesses easier to run. Innovative software designed for parking management is a modern technology that makes parking optimization possible for the benefit of your staff, customers and the environment. With this software, you can digitize your company’s parking experience, manage the influx of cars, secure both people and cars and unlock the power of last-mile automation.

Nowadays, practically every business process and activity is digitized, and park management is not left out. Park managers are steadily moving from a hardware approach to a digital one and adopting a parking management software is becoming their top priority.

Apart from creating a great parking experience, one of the advantages of investing in a parking management software is that it is more cost-effective than the traditional options. It is also easy to implement and manage. 

A good software for parking management includes the following:

payment digitization

access control

reporting features 

enforcement processes

Partner with commercial car parks

To create more space for your staff and clients to park, consider partnering with commercial car parks in the vicinity. Approach these parks and work out a contract that works for both parties. Your arrangement can be long term like annually or short term like weekdays or weekends, depending on the kind of business you run. You can even book them for selected days if you have days that are busier than others. 

Use supplementary parking spaces

If your parking space is too small to accommodate your staff and clients’ cars, then consider renting more parking spaces. Ensure the parking spaces are close to the company premises to make it convenient for people. If there are no commercial car parks around your company premises, you may approach organizations in the neighborhood with ample parking spaces that are underutilized. This alternative frees up your car park and gives staff and customers a good parking experience. 

Explore carpooling

Carpooling is a smart option if your aim is to enhance your company’s parking experience. When staff members are encouraged to share their cars with members coming from the same direction, it reduces the demand for parking spaces. 

Staff members can take turns driving, such that if one person drives this week, another person will drive the following week. Another option is for members to contribute money for fuel and car maintenance to one permanent driver. 

To make carpooling easy to adopt, the company might give incentives to staff who participate in the carpooling scheme. Incentivization is a way of valuing your employees and is one of the secrets of good business management. This act will encourage more members to join the scheme and free up the company’s car park, giving everyone a pleasant experience.

Encourage the use of public transportation

Another way of improving your company’s parking experience is by encouraging your staff to take public transport. The company’s parking lot is decongested when some staff members use the public transportation system. This arrangement frees more space for customers to park their cars. 

To encourage your staff to consider using public transportation instead of their cars, set up a system of compensating staff members who come to work via public transportation. Doing this will make it more attractive, drawing more members to take the option. 

The solutions above have been tested and proven to decongest your company’s parking lot and generally give your clients and staff a better parking experience. An excellent parking experience is accompanied with other benefits. Read on to know them.

Why do you need to improve your company’s parking experience?

Many advantages come with boosting your company’s parking experience with the solutions discussed above. A few of them are explained here.

To attract and keep customers

Creating a good customer experience strategy should be your goal as a company. The reason is that customers always look for the best experiences. Naturally, they move toward products and services that give them the best experiences and stay away from those that create unpleasant experiences. When you provide a good parking experience for customers, they will keep coming.

To motivate your staff

If you’re looking for ways to motivate your staff, providing a great parking experience is one. No one wants to work in a place where they’ll spend valuable time waiting for a parking space. Your staff will be happier knowing parking spaces are not an issue. Additionally, solutions like carpooling and public transportation schemes that give incentives serve as staff motivation.

To reduce traffic

When there is congestion in the company’s parking space, staff and customers are unable to get a parking space and, therefore, hover around until they get a space. This causes traffic in the vicinity. When your company’s parking experience is improved, this situation will not occur. There would be lighter traffic and a calmer environment.

To lessen pollution

The fumes and noise from vehicles are a significant source of pollution in the metropolis. The more vehicles on the road, the more polluted the environment will be. Enhancing your company’s parking experience is one of the ways to reduce pollution in the environment. A parking management software, carpooling and public transportation, for example, help a lot in this regard. 

To improve security and safety

People love to know that their cars are safe. With solutions that provide a good parking experience come safety and protection. Parking management software, for example, have technologically advanced security features to prevent the misuse and abuse of parking spaces. They also nip any suspicious activity in the bud.

In addition, the more cars on the road trying to get parking spaces, the higher the risk of motoring accidents. The risks are lower when there are fewer cars on the road. Implementing public transportation and carpooling schemes keeps this risk at a minimum.

There are other benefits of creating a great company parking experience for both staff and customers than the ones discussed above, especially with the use of a parking management software. More research on the topic will expose you to these other advantages.

Wrapping Up

To boost your company’s parking experience, there are actions you need to take. To take these actions, it is important to keep in mind the problems of poor parking experience. These problems include discouraged customers, unmotivated staff and a bad reputation. 

To tackle these problems are solutions like parking management software, carpooling, encouragement of public transportation, use of additional parking spaces and partnership with commercial car parks. 

Benefits of creating a great parking experience in your company include customer loyalty, staff motivation, traffic reduction, less pollution and improved security and safety. Start implementing these solutions and watch the parking experience in your company improve. 

Moyofade Ipadeola for ROI4CIO

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