Sell ​​Not Presentations, But People

    People never became technophobes © WallpaperCave

Once upon a time, science fiction writers predicted that machines would force people out of their trades, and that they would regret this turn in the path of progress.

But those fears were not justified. People are happy to use novelties that open up new opportunities for both buyers and sellers. At the same time, with the development of technology, there are no less humans plying their trade.

Buyers love attention. © Getty Images. A 1902 magazine illustration depicting a Victorian ladies' shop.

It is people who come up with designs for online stores and advertise goods, compose descriptions and shoot videos for presentations, call up customers and make deals.

Contrary to the predictions of pessimists, modern technology has brought the buyer and seller closer to each other. After all, until recently the purchase of goods from another city or country was a rather difficult, and sometimes impossible, task.

But direct human communication in online sales is really not enough. This is not because it is difficult to accomplish, but because many modern sellers forget that a showcase, presentation and description do not sell anything by themselves.

Unfortunately, not all online business people think about having enough specialists on their teams who are able to establish and maintain regular communication with the buyer. Usually the client chooses the product on their own - 'wandering' through the online store alone.

Not everyone knows the art of presenting a product correctly. © Thomas Rowlandson, Traffic, 1794

This is the wrong approach and it is based on the inertia of thinking. The first online stores could not really provide a normal dialogue between the buyer and the seller. But today the situation has changed completely. Online sales services offer rich opportunities for organizing direct communication with the client. Some of these opportunities include messengers, chatbots and callbots. And, of course, Roi4Presenter, in which we have built a feedback system based on notifying the presenter when someone is viewing their presentation. Not using these tools is a mistake. Retail and wholesale trade, software sales, B2B - the day is not far off when most of the transactions in these areas will be made online.

Astute business people in these sectors should take care to hire sales assistants who are trained to work with the buyer in real time. Those who rely solely on their showcases and presentations to sell their products by themselves will not have an easy time competing with sites that rely on prompt client communication.


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