Forget About Images - Make Presentations!

You can't sell a product without a good presentation.

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One of the most amazing phenomena in modern, online sales  is the continuing reliance on images by retailers. Despite the ever-increasing competition, most online stores still provide the customer with a brief description and two or three photographs, which are not always of the highest quality, and nothing else to convince them to buy.

Meanwhile, modern technologies make it possible to fill the virtual showcases and shelves of online stores with presentations, from which the buyer is able to view the product from all sides and get a good idea of ​​​​its capabilities and functions.

The most interesting thing is that today it is easier to do this than it was at the dawn of online sales to upload photos to your site. By and large, in order to shoot a simple video product presentation, having an average smartphone is all that you need. Those who had to invest in digitizing and uploading photographs at the end of the last / the beginning of this century will, we’re sure, obviously agree. Others will just have to take their word for it.

Even a short amateur video in which the seller makes it possible to examine and study the product is better than a gallery of photos. As a result, the likelihood of a purchase is undoubtedly increased.

It should be noted that progress does not stand still and the arsenal of services, in one way or another related to presentations, is constantly being updated. It's time to remind you that our Roi4Presenter has a built-in feedback system that informs the seller that a store visitor has begun to view information about the product and makes it possible to start communicating with the client right during the presentation. And this is not all we bring to the table (read more here).

In conclusion, let us recall an axiom well-known to any successful seller: by demonstrating an attentive attitude to the product and the shop window, you show that you will be equally attentive to the client. This attracts buyers, and with them profits!



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