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Supercharge Outbound Sales With Presentations That Rock Your Audience

Coffee steams on your desk. It’s Monday morning and you’re pursuing a lifelong dream, building your own business, or perhaps chasing a huge promotion at an established company. Opening your email inbox, you’re hoping to find responses to last week’s sales emails. Only you discover crickets, digital tumbleweeds blowing across the screen. Checking your website’s marketing dashboard and purchases are well below projections there, too.

Your products and services offer tremendous value, but customers aren’t buying. What gives? There’s a good chance that you’re failing to make positive impressions. As a result, many would-be customers don’t even know you exist. And those that do may simply not see the benefits offered.

Send an outbound sales email and you’ll have about two seconds to make an impression. In-person, folks start forming opinions within a fraction of a second, and those impressions solidify within the first 7 or so seconds. Fail to impress your customers immediately and you’ll lose them before you ever had them.

With ROI4Presenter, however, you can craft and display captivating presentations that hook your audience and buy time. A well-done presentation is a powerful sales tool and affords the presenter chances to shape the conversation, if not take control.

Far too often, would-be customers can’t find the information needed to make a purchasing decision. And sometimes, they fail to recognize even obvious solutions to their most pressing problems. The right sales pitch, however, can move folks through your sales funnel, guiding them from awareness to purchasing and beyond.

Further, time is money, especially with outbound sales. You can’t work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. And whenever you hop on a call or run through a presentation, you’re using up time that could have been dedicated elsewhere. Ditto for playing scheduling ping-pong with potential customers. Weeks may stretch by with schedules failing to align.

With ROI4Presenter, viewers can access high-quality, interactive sales pitches at their convenience, even if you’re not around. If you are on the clock and someone spins up one of your presentations, ROI4Presenter will notify you. Then, you can offer to hop on the pitch live, answering questions and expanding points. Viewers may also send you questions and request more info.

ROI4Presenter saves the audience time too and you can craft different presentations, including a pitch, a brief presentation, and a detailed presentation. This way, customers get the info they need and only the info they need.

What’s more, ROI4Presenter makes building and organizing video content and high-quality slides a cinch while keeping costs low. Good thing too because many customers prefer video to text. Hubspot conducted a study and found that 72 percent of users prefer receiving branded marketing information via video rather than text.

ROI4Presenter won’t replace your current marketing campaigns but can bolster positive outcomes, including conversation and engagement rates. Send links to presentations via email or text. Embed pitches into your website, crafting high-quality landing pages featuring text and video. Whatever works for you and your audience.

You can also put your best foot forward. Some staffers are simply better at presentations than others. Fortunately, with ROI4Presenter, you can build webinars starring your best talents. Further, making the same presentation over and over again may numb your mind. With ROI4Presenter, reduce redundancy by putting together a single master presentation.

Ultimately, outbound sales are vital for organizations. Drum up sales and you can hire more employees, increase marketing campaign budgets, improve compensation, and so much more. Fortunately, ROI4Presenter can increase conversions by 40 percent, helping companies grow revenues and customer bases.

*Source Roi4Presenter Blog

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