How to turn an online presentation into a 24-hour store

Have you ever wondered what distinguishes an online presentation from a regular commercial? You have prepared a video or slide deck with the purpose of selling a product or event. Is it good enough to be spread everywhere on the internet and considered an online presentation? I am sure that experienced presenters will answer, "no!" without hesitation and they will be correct.

A good presentation is not just about online availability. It needs to be conducted in real-time by the speaker. Its value lies in the live communication between the presenter and the audience through answers to questions, clarifying comments, additions, explanations, improvisations, jokes or anything that strengthens presenter- audience relationship.

Stand without a speaker

In essence, an online presentation is a combination of beautifully exhibited ideas. Remember your experience of attending such events. Do you think the stands are needed or even mandatory? The stand is a beautiful picture that catches the eye. But the presenter deserves applause for increasing the customer base through their constant communication with the audience. The role of presenters on the stand significantly impacts the quantity and quality of leads generated.

By the way, this is not a new profession. The same thing used to be done by callers or barkers ( as the native English speakers call it) in markets and fairs. The ability to present a product or event quickly, vividly, and, when appropriate, with humor, was valued long before the industrial and information revolutions.

And now imagine an exhibition stand without a presenter. This is how your uploaded presentation would look. It can be seen, but nothing more. Even the most interesting, bright, original video series turns into an ordinary commercial without direct communication. Conversely, even a modest presentation in itself turns into a fine-mesh net for catching leads when it is conducted by a speaker who knows their business.

The suggestion to ask a question in an email or messenger does not change the essence of a simple, uploaded presentation. Let's return to the exhibition analogy. Imagine a stand without a speaker and a sign that reads, "If you're interested in something, leave a note with a question." Do you really want to use this "option"? How likely do you think it is that your "cold" buyer will leave a note, go to where you are waiting to talk to them and "warm-up"?

Is it possible to make your online presentation in a way that allows you to engage the client immediately after they come in contact with it? This is the reason why the Roi4Presenter service was created.

How does it work?

The main feature of this service is the opportunity to strengthen the presenter-audience relationship. The speaker can connect to active clients and receive their live questions. The steps to using this fantastic service include:

1️⃣ Install the appropriate application on your device

2️⃣ Upload your presentation to Roi4Presenter

3️⃣ Throw the presentation links like a fishing rod to the resources and sites where your potential customers wait to devour your content, like hungry fish.

As bait, be sure to add a link with the message that you can watch and talk to the speaker at any time convenient for the visitor. That's right! Be sure to emphasize: "At any convenient time."

4️⃣ When a visitor follows your link and opens the presentation, you will be notified immediately by message and be able to indicate that you are ready to connect instantly, complete the presentation with your comments, and answer all questions.

The client, in turn, can establish communication on their part with the help of the "Call the presenter" button. How exactly you will communicate - correspond, talk with video or without - depends on the settings. The important thing is that this will be real-time communication, and you strictly control the number of participants and buyers.

In any case, you have a tool at your disposal that essentially turns your online presentation into an around-the-clock store, where there is always a seller ready to work with a potential buyer.

*Source: Blog Roi4Presenter

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