Perpetual Webinar on Your Website that Brings Client Meetings

These days, in a pandemic world, webinars remain one of the most demanded sources of information about products and solutions. A huge advantage of the online seminar, which radically distinguishes them from a simple offline presentation, is the possibility of live communication with an expert speaker.

On many sites, users have the opportunity to sign up for an introductory webinar to get acquainted with the product. It is especially helpful when the subject is serious, and the expensive product requires a personal approach. This approach entails considerable operational costs from the vendor company.

To avoid wasting time, a new visitor is always asked to provide some personal information. This information helps to evaluate how promising they are as a client and which specialist needs to contact them first. However, in this case, a client should also invest some time, though a user always wants to get all answers right then and there, as soon as possible. You can, of course, just leave a webinar recording on the site, but in this case, the client cannot ask questions and the value of the offer will not be fully revealed.

One more problem is that the modern globalized business environment allows people to work in different time zones, and few of these people have free time. The working schedule of each business person is packed with various events, and finding an extra hour or two is not at all easy, even with modern online schedulers.

Is it possible to solve this dilemma by providing, on the one hand, a personalized approach to each client, and, on the other hand, a high response time and an acceptable contact acquisition cost and retention?

Catch a client on your site

Today, client acquisition via a website is already possible with specialized online tools. For example, a unique solution is offered by the Roi4Presenter service.

The idea of this solution is that the author of the webinar or the company embeds a permanent recording of a webinar on their website and the recording is constantly working. This means that the speaker who presented the webinar (let's call them a “presenter”) can connect anytime and check who is watching the recording at that moment. At the same time, any visitor can send a notification and start communicating online — both in a text chat and directly, using a camera and microphone. Thus, the company can "catch" the client and immediately start working with him or her, bypassing all lengthy registration procedures.

It's like you’re watching a YouTube video and suddenly the author is talking to you.

After the visitor views a few slides, you can ask them to enter some personal data to continue the presentation. A manager in the mobile application immediately receives a notification, evaluates the relevance of the client and the need for immediate personal communication. The contact will be sent to your CRM system and the company can start a lead generation for business purposes.

Save the listener’s time

Another useful feature is that the listener can choose one of two different options — short (pitch) or full. A listener can also view slides with the answers to frequently asked questions. This option saves a lot of time for both visitors and site owners.

If you have enough operators who are ready to lieterally communicate with all potential clients, you can simply add the “Call the presenter” button to the webinar recording. If the presenter is busy and cannot communicate online, an application will send a report about the visit: which slides were visited and marked, and what the visitor wrote in the chat.

Roi4Presenter allows you to convert and host presentations in .ppt or .pdf format, add sound to slides, or import videos from your PC or YouTube. As a result, you can create a webinar in several minutes by posting it as a video on your website or landing page.

Perhaps this technology would be helpful for electronic media advertisers. by using it, they can access their customers directly and get direct visits (and leads for advertisers) from the articles about their products.


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