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πŸ–– Greetings! If there is something that all of us can agree on about this year, it’s that 2020 was truly hard and uneasy. But a lot of challenges that occurred with the pandemic and its effects, was helped and lessened with IT. A tiny part of which ROI4CIO is.

We saw our role as a knowledge provider about solutions that can simplify and secure distance workplaces, let people virtually hang together just to chat as well as educate or sell.

Our Content Team was writing articles about setting up work and business from home, composing analytical comparison tables, dedicated to a telemedicine, virtual events platforms, time trackers and much more.

In May, we helped to organize the virtual conference “SOFTPROmotion: 3D Avatar IT Forum and Fair”, and by August we'd managed to plan and conduct our very first virtual event — “IT Battle”. For all this not to sound like showing off, let us present the annual report.

πŸš€ 1104 companies. Here are vendors and providers of: cybersecurity solutions, remote administration software, video conferencing tools, virtual presentations programs, telemedicine apps, all kinds of virtual assistants for sales and marketers.

πŸš€ 726 IT-products. These are software and hardware for data protection and security; platforms for virtual events; solutions and services for setting up, managing, and optimizing secure distant work; cloud storage; AI assistants for helping sales and marketers to find, gain, score and maintain customers.

πŸš€ 69 deployments. We’d written about implementations of SIEM, EDR systems, anti-phishing programs, successful conducting of cybersecurity training courses, stages of infrastructure modeling, lifecycle optimization case studies.

πŸš€ 12 categories:

   πŸ“™ AI Sales Assistant Software: it’s a range of tools that help sales representatives in their tasks and processes automation by embedded artificial intelligence.

   πŸ“™ Time Tracking Software: allows employees to record time spent on tasks or projects, which usually includes automatic generation of invoices and workforce management.

   πŸ“™ Virtual Event Platforms: a virtual event, also known as an online event, is an interactive gathering that happens on the internet. These type of platforms offer interacting in a virtual environment on the web, rather than meeting in a physical location;

   πŸ“™ Network Visualization: the practice of creating visual depictions of  connected data. It is used to identify relationships between disparate data points on a network, which can improve root cause analysis, performance visibility;

   πŸ“™ Cybersecurity Training and Simulation: a powerful tool for CISOs and SOC managers to accurately simulate their network and security tools within a dynamic IT, or OT environment;

   πŸ“™ Telemedicine: distribution of health-related services and information via telecommunication technologies. It allows long-distance patient and clinician contact, care, advice, reminders, education, intervention, monitoring, and remote admissions.

   πŸ“™ Threat Intelligence Platform: These are solutions that help organizations aggregate, correlate, and analyze threat data from multiple sources in real time to support defensive actions.

   πŸ“™ Object Storage: a computer data storage architecture that manages data as objects. It is opposed to other storage architectures like file system which manages data as a file hierarchy, and block storage which manages data as blocks within sectors and tracks.

   πŸ“™ Remote Desktop Software: software or operating system feature that allows a personal computer's desktop environment to be run remotely on one system, while being displayed on a separate client device.

   πŸ“™ B2B Sales Intelligence & Lead Generation Solutions: an assortment of software that makes it easy for you to collect, integrate, present, evaluate, and analyze customers data.

  πŸ“™ User activity monitoring: UAM's solutions are software tools that track and monitor end-user behavior on devices, networks, and other company-owned IT resources.

   πŸ“™ Presentation Software: it’s a computer program designed to allow the user to present information engagingly via text, pictures, sound, and video.

πŸš€ 15 analytical comparison tables:

   ⚖️ CRM. We’ve compared the most known CRM-systems and looked at their most important features like integration with the site, integration with Microsoft Office 365, Google Ads, Gmail, Oracle, SAP, cloud services, the availability of a mobile version, the ability to track campaigns, workflow automation, and the availability of a free trial.

   ⚖️ Endpoint Security. These solutions are compared by functions such as data loss prevention, disk encryption, anti-malware, firewall, sandbox, user behavior analytics.

   ⚖️ Time Tracking Software. Here software is evaluated by supporting billing, invoicing, different time formats, automatic time tracking, reminders, work week and holidays schedule.

   ⚖️ Virtual Event Platforms. That's one of our biggest tables this year as it contains 22 solutions. So basically, we’ve covered all the leaders of this category in the comparison. Here you'll find Hyperfair, Zuddl, 6Connex Platform, Eventbrite, INXPO.

   ⚖️ Telemedicine. For telehealth providing solutions it is reasonable to have videoconferencing, e-prescribing, personalized reports.

   ⚖️ File Synchronization and Sharing Software. These products are compared by max file size support, storage limitation, Active Directory, mobile device management.

   ⚖️ Collaborative Applications. If you know just about G Suite and Microsoft 365, we definitely recommend checking out their opponents: HyperOffice, Kopano Collaboration Suite, One Place Solutions products, Xwiki, Zimbra, ZOHO Workplace.

   ⚖️ Threat Intelligence Platforms. These solutions make it possible for organizations to gain an advantage over the adversary by detecting the presence of threat actors, blocking and tackling their attacks, or degrading their infrastructure.

   ⚖️ Cybersecurity Training and Simulation. It is a powerful tool for CISOs and SOC managers to accurately simulate their network and security tools within a dynamic IT, or OT environment.

   ⚖️ DRP — Digital Risk Protection. These solutions are protecting enterprises against the unwanted exposure of a company’s data, and providing actionable insight on threats from the open, deep, and dark web.

   ⚖️ B2B Sales Intelligence & Lead Generation Solutions. In these product the crucial function is CRM Integration, API, segmentation of campaign audiences, various filters, pipeline management.

   ⚖️ Landing pages builders. Do you need to hire a programmer to code a one single page? Of course not. In this table are presented easy solutions for all who need to create a landing page or a few.

   ⚖️ Security Information and Event Management solutions. SIEM is an approach to security management that combines SIM (security information management) and SEM (security event management) functions into one security management system.

   ⚖️ UAM — User Activity Monitoring. Here listed the products which are not only useful for time and work tracking, but provide additional security to a workplace.

   ⚖️ Presentation Software. In this one you can find techno giants like Microsoft PowerPoint, and also a bunch of lesser-known, but worth attention products. All of them help you to create, organize and deliver slides to the auditorium in the best way possible.

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πŸŽ‰ We wish you a happy and safe holiday, meet us here in the New Year!

ROI4CIO’s Team

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