Monthly Digest: January 2020

Greetings and welcome to the new year! We hope you have celebrated the start of a new decade and, like us, rushed back into new deeds and achievements. 2020 just begins, but we already have a few things to share with you.

This month we filled the site with:

  • 396 companies. There are vendors of security analytics technology for the SOC, consulting firms that help organizations teach their employees secure behaviour, platforms for centralized data management control.
  • 164 IT-products. They include protection for vulnerable data in uncontrolled environments, one-time pad encryption and automatic key destruction, software to track and remove illegal content at the source, advisory services to manage cyber and information security.
We have optimized nearly 40 categories this month. For example, take a look at GIS - Geographic information system, SDN Software-Defined Network, LMS - Learning Management System. Our goal to make categories catalogue an independent information page and a powerful search engine.

Also, we are kindly inviting you to follow ROI4COI Facebook page - there are a lot of regular updates about content on the site and the most interesting fresh topics from IT and cybersecurity world. See you next month and next digest!


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