Monthly Digest: February 2019

New in catalogs

Analytical news

We continue to compare because the most correct choice is possible only via comparison. This time we’ve conducted independent research comparing products of the category Network Access Control (NAC).

About pricing and ROI

We are addicted… to new calculators. You have probably realized this. This time we calculated the cost of the Review Platforms and the benefit from the investment in the Review Platforms (ROI). We remind you that you can insert the parameters of your company into each field space and calculate your results.


Analytical articles written with the support of ROI4CIO were published in the following media:

What’s new?

We have updated the comparison tables design for the reason that more and more products are being added to the tables. We have decided to make the tables more compact for viewing and we hope that we have succeeded in that. 
Check out, how do they look now:  WAF (Web Application Firewall), NGFW (Next Generation Firewall), UEBA (User and Entity Behavior Analytics), Email Security Gateway, CAD (Computer-Aided Design), Sandboxing, Deception.

What’s next?

Free webinars in April - we are again launching a series of free webinars for our users, due to the increasing number of ROI4CIO users and updates. We will familiarize you with them.

Improving “Rebate 4 Reference”: expecting the new version in the coming months. Getting a discount on the software or hardware from the vendor will be even easier. Moreover, we will increase the guarantee of getting a reference (success stories) from buyers for vendors.

All about IT categories - the opening of IT categories description pages coming soon. It is planned that the page of each category will contain a description, a link to a comparison of products from different vendors within this category and other useful insights for finding IT solutions for CIO.


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