Monthly Digest: December 2018

December is the last month of the last quarter of the year. Not only was it holidays time but also it's time we all pressed on and show the best result. Just to make sure that we all can eat mandarins and launch 2019 with a sense of accomplishment. In a nutshell, we love citrus fruits, so we laid out as best we could. Moreover, our clients gave their best as well: they registered companies, described their IT solutions both software and hardware and its deployments. We are proud of you!

Get the results of the joint productive work of the ROI4CIO team and the new users of the ROI4CIO platform for December 2018:

New in catalogs

  • 153 IT products,
  • 13 software and hardware deployments,
  • 59 companies of IT buyers, suppliers and vendors, most of those this month are software developers

Analytical news

We continue to create new comparison tables of software and hardware. We conduct independent research comparing products within the same category from different vendors. As we know, the IT market is not constant, vendors are constantly improving their products, so we have updated the comparison table of Deception solutions, which is now a display of the newest characteristics of Deception Techniques and Honeypots products.


We tested Pay 4 Content project, which is an opportunity to get paid for description of software or hardware deployment. Everything is working! Even 5 authors have already received their payment for sharing articles about information technology.

We also prepared the results of the year 2018 in numbers and started our 2019 in order to make IT more useful for you.


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