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The level of a salesmen's training doesn’t only reflect on the sales itself, but also on the cost and hence the profit. A business’s growth depends on the speed of the salesmen's training. Very often head offices are too busy with requests that highly qualified staff waste their time on unlikely deals and fixing issues of small orders instead of taking care of high marginal customers. How to increase sales without reducing the service quality and profit? Salesmen need high-quality and simple sales tools to gain the necessary skills. They will help the sales managers in regional offices and partners to maximize their work efficiency while consequently reducing the burden on the head office and minimizing their errors. ROI4CIO service offers such sales tools. The most frequent task a salesman confronts is the product’s configuration and the calculation of the price. After all, no matter how simple the price list is, there will always be questions from the customer that are not included in the list. Product configurators are developed, however, only specialists can most of the time work with them. Product managers are hired to train staff how to calculate the configuration and preparation of such specifications. But as pricing is constantly changing and new products are coming out, it becomes a constant cost to separate business processes. Questioning the client to select the right configuration that solves all customer's problems is also a complex process including many factors. Often customer's demand a discount and the product’s price tends to change. ROI4CIO has developed an Automated Quote tool, that allows you to create interactive questionnaires. The service calculates the prices by choosing the right configuration based on the customers answers and requirements. Such a questionnaire will provide the customer a complementary or new option of the product for additional sales and will not allow errors when changing prices or product line. Important features provided in this tool are the tips and links with more detailed materials a user can get back to questions being asked. Automated Quote is a sales framework, a knowledge base, and a product configurator. The tool can support sales managers in the negotiation process with clients to reduce the time it takes closing a deal.ROI4CIO offers the opportunity to edit the tool for end users who want to choose their own configuration and thus generate new transactions. The provider can send a Web link of the configuration to the client or upload it to Excel or PDF format. The affiliate program is also a sales tool for manufacturers. A vendor can publish different levels of requirements and advantages of a partnership on ROI4CIO to recruit new partners. The “Automated Quote” allows you to calculate the set price for partners from the vendor, taking into account the features of the affiliate program or vice versa, calculate a reduced price in order to request a discount from the vendor for the configuration to match the budget of the partner or an end user. Using such as tool success stories or recommendations can be used to prove that your products are credible and effective. ROI4CIO offers a structured deployment directory in which a potential user can find success stories in the deployment of a selected product in a given country. In addition to the description of products used by a supplier, ROI4CIO offers quality information about the problems and tasks solved by ROI4CIO through the user, and the ROI which is obtained from the product. The purpose of the ROI4CIO project is to gather information about the benefits of products and provide recommendations to users and suppliers based on this data. To motivate customers to provide information about the results of deployment or testing, the project offers a rebate to the user from the vendor for a received recommendation. To justify the sales you often need to calculate the financial benefits of using the product. ROI4CIO offers the vendor to create such a sales tool as an ROI calculator. In addition to the Return on investment (ROI), the service calculates the present value and the internal rate of return. To prove the functional advantage of the product in comparison with competitors there are comparative tables ("comparison matrix") ROI4CIO offers as a mechanism for comparing products and parameters of specified characteristics offered by vendors. With the help of ROI4CIO, the vendor can search for partners in the given country according to his capacity and partnership with vendors. Information about the deployment of products on ROI4CIO allows you to determine who the end user's provider is and offer them a partnership. Resellers can also use ROI4CIO to request a partnership from vendors.

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