The virtual “I”, or why we need a digital persona


The Pitch Avatar team explains the benefits of creating an AI-powered copy of yourself for presentations and other online content.


Digital personas are creeping into our lives more and more every year. It would seem that not so long ago they took their first timid steps in movies and video games. But today anyone can create a virtual character using artificial intelligence. Some do it simply for fun, and construct a variety of computerized interlocutors. And some create characters to assist them in their work. 


According to our observations, humanity has quite easily accepted the idea that AI can be an excellent assistant in various spheres of activity.


However, in terms of presentations and other online content that promote ideas, products, and services, as far as we can tell, the majority of authors are still conservative in their use of digital presenters. In any case, in the lion’s share of presentations we come across, digital characters are either absent or are given a rather minor role.


Having talked to some of our clients and colleagues on this topic, we have come to the conclusion that, in the opinion of the majority, people should act as the “face of the brand.” Let’s not argue – people are people, and everyone has their own opinion.


However, paradoxical as it may sound, even with this approach it is quite possible to entrust the job of giving presentations and other online content to AI-based virtual characters. All you need to do is create your own digital twin.


Nothing could be simpler. Take, for example, the functionality that our Pitch Avatar provides. With its help you can bring your photo to life by “teaching” it to speak with your voice, thus creating your virtual alter ego. Why?


Let’s start with the fact that most people tend to get nervous about public speaking to one degree or another. Only 10% of the population enjoys the process. About 80% experience unpleasant emotions to some degree. And 10% are simply afraid to speak in front of an audience. A digital double eliminates all of these unpleasant feelings. And, at the same time, digital personas have a number of skills and abilities that will save their human counterparts a lot of time. Here are the main ones:


  • An AI-based digital twin can perfectly voice any text. Everyone, even the most experienced presenter, makes mistakes from time to time, hesitates, becomes confused, and so on and so forth. In live broadcasting, you have to act on the principle of “smile and work on.” When recording, however, you have to re-record unsuccessful fragments. Your digital twin will read the text without errors – with your chosen emotions, intonation and pace. Even if you are holding a live event, you can record a reference version of the speech and play it immediately after the greeting. This approach leaves the human presenter with a question-and-answer block and other direct communication with the audience. 


  • An AI-based digital twin speaks all languages equally well. In today’s global economy, content often needs to be translated and voiced in   multiple languages. A virtual twin can handle this task much better than the vast majority of people, because it understands and speaks all languages equally well. 


  • An AI-based digital twin is able to maintain a dialog with the audience and communicate with the author of the presentation. Most AI characters can adequately respond to questions and comments from the audience. In doing so, they can be guided not only by their own learned skills, but also through instructions given by the presentation’s author. If we talk specifically about Pitch Avatar, it, among other things, maintains contact with the author of the presentation. It will inform the author when someone starts watching their content, provides a report on the audience’s behavior, and calls a human if the audience’s questions are beyond its competence or when someone from the audience expresses a desire to communicate with a human, rather than the AI.


The above, of course, is by no means a complete list of the capabilities offered by digital AI doppelgangers, but in our opinion, they are reason enough to “hire” an AI assistant. One possibility, for example, is our own Pitch Avatar.


Good luck to everyone, successful presentations, and high incomes!


Source: Pitch Avatar Blog

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