“Friendship” with AI – a long-term trend


The Pitch Avatar team shares interesting statistics and future forecasts.


The growth and expansion of artificial intelligence (AI) tools are here to stay. Regardless of your field, you will need to seek out and implement AI solutions, learn to work with them, and hire specialists accordingly.


According to Forbes Advisor, the AI market is expected to reach approximately $87 billion by the end of 2023 and soar to $407 billion by 2027. Over the next two years, AI development is projected to eliminate 85 million jobs while creating 97 million new ones. By 2030, it’s anticipated that 6% to 9% of employees will be working in professions that do not yet exist, emerging as a result of AI advancements.


Notably, about a quarter of companies are already implementing AI, not to reduce existing jobs, but to address a shortage of specialists.


According to McKinsey’s annual survey, 79% of people used AI at work at least once in 2023, with 22% using it regularly. Approximately one-third of companies and organizations use AI for at least one task, and 40% plan to invest in expanding their use of AI tools.


One significant estimate to consider is that modern technologies could automate up to 45% of all work activities and 60-70% of employee tasks.


From the above, the conclusion is clear: In the coming years, and particularly in 2024, AI will continue to gain new ground due to its vast potential for implementation and expanding usage.


Wishing everyone success and high profits!


Source: Pitch Avatar Blog

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