Interesting AI-related statistics

Many have called the past year a breakthrough in the development, dissemination, and use of artificial intelligence. The Pitch Avatar team has gathered the most eloquent statistics for you, helping to form a general picture of the current impact of AI solutions on people in general and business in particular.


  • 79% of people already have some experience using AI (McKinsey)


  • 22% of people regularly use AI for work (McKinsey)


  • 55% of companies and organizations have already implemented AI solutions in their work (McKinsey)


  • In 2023, the global AI market was valued at 241.8 billion US dollars. It is expected that in 2024 it will reach 305.90 billion dollars and with annual growth rates of 15.83%, by 2030 it will grow to 738.80 billion US dollars (Statista).


  • The volume of the global AI market in healthcare in 2023 was estimated at 22.45 billion US dollars. According to forecasts, it will grow at an average annual rate of 36.4% and in 2030 will exceed 330 billion US dollars (Grand View Research).


  • The global market for AI-based robots in 2023 was 12.8 billion US dollars (Statista).


  • In 2023, the volume of the global chatbot market was 839.33 million US dollars. It is expected that by 2032 it will grow to 5.126 billion US dollars (EMR).


  • The volume of the AI market in the food and beverage industry is estimated at 9.68 billion US dollars in 2024. It is expected to reach 48.99 billion US dollars by 2029, increasing on average by 38.30% per year (Mordor Intelligence).


  • The volume of the AI market in the automotive industry in 2023 exceeded 9 billion US dollars. According to forecasts, it will grow (primarily due to the growth of the implementation of self-driving cars) at an average annual rate of 55% and by 2032 will reach 600 billion US dollars (GMI). It is expected that by 2030 every tenth car in the world will be self-driving (Forbes Advisor).


  • The market for AI solutions for retail trade in 2024 is estimated at 6.65 billion US dollars. It is projected to grow at average annual rates of 32.17% and by 2030 will amount to 38.92 billion US dollars (Mordor Intelligence).


We hope these facts will help you in making decisions for the current year. For example, you can “hire” the AI assistant Pitch Avatar. If you haven’t done it yet, of course.


Good luck and high profits to everyone!


Source: Pitch Avatar Blog

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